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it is a chemical weathering

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Q: Is acid in rainwater is chamical weathering?
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What Can be found in polluted rainwater and causes chemical weathering?


What causes chemical erosion?

Chemical weathering is primarily cause by small amounts of acid that are in rainwater.

What is the name of the type of weathering that can be caused by acid in rainwater or the action if the air?

it means to bogino doshi desu

Is limestone dissolved by carbonic acid chemical or mechanical?

The dissolution of limestone by rainwater containing carbonic acid is the perfect example of chemical weathering.

Real life example of chemical weathering?

The main agents of chemical weathering are acid precipatation, lichens, and other plants like mold decaying the rock. :)

How does man contribute to rock weathering?

By sandblasting, power washing, driving on, walking on, lawn watering, and contributing to the acid content of rainwater.

How are humans responsible in causing weathering?

Weathering is a NATURAL process that would occur without humans on the planet. However, human activities, particularly the dumping of acidic gases (Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide made as a byproduct of industry) into the atmosphere causes rainwater to become more acid than it would be if humans were not doing this. This acid rainwater speeds up the rate of weathering, particularly of limestone rocks.

What are three typed of chemical weathering?

Chemical(acid in rainwater dissolving limestone), biological (work of animals and plants) and physical (freeze thaw)

How can you reduce chemical weathering?

Shelter the objects being affected by chemical weathering from rainwater.

Chemical weathering processes are particularly effective on limestone landscapes forming?

Chemical weathering processes are particularly effective on limestone landscapes forming because of carbonation. When rainwater combines with acid in the air, limestone is formed.

Is rainwater a acid?


What is sulfuric acid weathering?

Sulphur acid may be produced when rainwater combines with sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere. Sulphur dioxide may be produced by the burning of fossil fuels and through volcanic eruptions. Sulphur acid weathers rock by solution.