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Yes, he is. Black married American cellist and singer, Tanya Haden, on March 14, 2006. They're also parents to sons Samuel Jason, born June 10, 2006, and Thomas David, born on May 23, 2008.

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When was Jack black married?

Jack to Tanya was married April 2011

Is the actor jack black a christian?


How do you say favorite actor is Jack Black in French?

Mon acteur favori est Jack Black.

Actor who voiced Lenny in Shark Tale?

Jack black

Is actor Jack Black deceased?

No, he's still alive.

Which actor starred in the film School of Rock?

Jack Black

Who is jack white married to?

Rebecca Black.

Why did Jack Black become an actor?

because he wanted to have fun in his life and do something he likes. jack black is one of my favorite actors

Is Shirley Jones married?

Shirley Jones is married. Her first husband was singer and actor Jack Cassidy. And later she married to an American actor, comedian, theatrical agent Marty Ingels.

Is actor jack black in the wendy's baconator commercial?

No, the actor is Gabe McKinley:

Who is jack black married too?

Tanya Haden

What actors name start with Jack?

there is an actor called Jack Black who plays as kung fu panda and nacho

Which actor that acted in King Kong voiced for Lenny in the movie SharkTale?

Jack Black.

In the movie Orange County which actor played Lance Shaun's brother?


What video game did actor jack black make his tv debut in a commercial for?


Which actor that acted in King Kong voiced for Lenny in the Shark Tale?

Jack Black.

Which actor and musician is lead vocalistic of rock banD Tenacious D?

Jack black

Is Jack Guzman an actor?

Yes, Jack Guzman is an actor. 1 of his more well known roles is as Danny Delgado, the Black Ranger during Power Rangers Wild Force.

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What is Jack Black?

jack black is a modern actor. he is known for acting in the films, King Kong, Nacho Libre, Kung Fu Panda, and alot more movies... hope this helped.

What is a name for an actor or an actress?

an actresses name is .. Miley Cyrus An Actress is a girl or woman. an actors name is ... Jack Black. An Actor is a boy or a man.

Who is rebecca blacks crush?

jack black. there married. r u stupid their not

Is Jack Black the actor in the Verizon commercial where he sings The Ace of Spades?

It looks a lot like him, but no, it's not.

What middle school did jack black the actor go to?

I think he went to Culer City Middle School

Who has Jack Black dated?

Jack Black dated actress and comedian Laura Knighlinger from 1997 until 2005. Then in 2006 he married a girl called Tanya Haden and had 1 kid. Now they are still married and another kid is on the way