Is air resistance an unbalanced force?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Is air resistance an unbalanced force?
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Is there any unbalanced forces acting on a bouncing ball?

Gravity and air resistance is all that I got.

When an apple falls from a tree what force pulls it down what are the balanced and unbalanced forces at work?

Pull of gravity pulls it. Other forces - Air resistance and drag

What is air resistance and what are the two factors that air resistance depends on?

Air Resistance is a force.

Is air resistance a contact or non contact force?

Air resistance is a contact force because you are in contact with the air in order to apply that force.

What would the unbalanced force be when a balloon lets its air out?


How is air resistance used in a sentence?

air pressure is when air gets pressed down

How do balanced and unbalanced forces relate to a parachute?

If the parachutist is just falling down vertically, he is falling because of the unbalance force. Gravity is pulling him down. Gravity is stronger than the air resistance that is "keeping him up". The two unbalanced forces: gravity & air resistance. Because they are imbalance, he is accelerating towards the Earth's surface at 9.8 meters per second.

How can an object have balanced forces and still move?

If an object is at rest it takes an unbalanced force to get it moving. Also if an object is moving it takes an unbalanced force to stop it. So if an object is in motion, because of some unbalanced force and then, while moving, another force comes in to make the forces balanced this will not be enough to stop it, just keep it from accelerating. This happens when objects are dropped from a great height. At first the force of gravity causes it to pick up velocity (accelerate) as it falls. But as it picks up speed the force of air resistance gets larger and larger. Pretty soon the downward force of gravity is just balanced by the upward force of air resistance. The object continues to fall , but now at constant velocity.

A feather is in freefall when the force of gravity is greater than the force of air resistance is equal to the force of air resistance is less than the force of air resistance is the only force acting?

"Free fall" means that gravity is the only force acting on a body.

Is air resistance a pull force or push force?

Yes resistance would be a push force.

What is the force air resistance?

Air resistance is a friction force, the flow of air over a surface will cause friction and produce drag. Thanks

What objects continues to move when an unbalanced force is removed?

Air, Sonny D 😛