Is air soft guns is a real gun?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No,they are toy guns that usually come with plastic 6mm BB's.They have an orange tip and the gun is usually plastic.If you shoot a person,it will hurt,sting,or may cause a welt but CAN'T kill.

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No, since they do not use gunpowder as propellant, they are generally classified as "air rifles"

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Q: Is air soft guns is a real gun?
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Will the gun control let air soft guns?

Airsoft guns are not firearms and are not affected by gun regulations.

Is a 276 feet per second air soft gun good?

For an air soft gun it's average. Air soft guns can reach 400 FPS.

What do you use for green gas in air soft guns?

you use green gas to fire the air soft gun

Where are fre air soft guns gun s?

There is no "free airsoft guns". You pay for your passion.

Where could you buy fake guns and fake gun holders?

It depends on what you mean. You can buy Air-Soft guns at some sporting goods stores. An Air-Soft gun looks like a real gun, but fires plastic pellets. They are available in several different models and are made to the same specifications as the real gun they are a copy of, so they will fit into a gun case or holster designed for that same gun. You can also buy training guns at some gun stores, or through companies like Blackhawk.

Can someone die from an air soft gun?

Anything is possible but not likely with air soft. But they do hurt when they hit you. Simply don't shoot anyone with an air soft gun. Treat it like a real gun.

How do you make darts for an airsoft gun?

AIRSOFT guns are not intended to fire anything but soft BBs- AIR SOFT.

Why do air soft guns need gas or electric power to shoot semi or full auto Real guns don't which means the mechanism is invented Why not use it for air soft guns?

The automatic/semi-automatic mechanisms work because as a round is fired, it uses the gas and recoil from the explosion to re-set the gun. Air soft pellets are just pieces of plastic, and do not have any propellant, so they need gas or batteries to cycle the gun.

How do i buy an airsoft gun?

Go To And Type In Cheap Air Soft Guns

Where can you buy a mp5k metal air-soft gun?

You can buy them at a store where they sell guns.

Are air soft guns legal in the Bronx NY?

no any kind of gun is illegal there

Can a air soft gun that fire plastic pellet be modified to fire real bullet or lead pellet?

Air Soft guns are not designed to fire Pellets. The shape is just wrong but there are steel BB in the 6mm size avalable. But because they are heaver than plastic they fire or travel slower. If the Air Soft gun is not designed to use them they may actually ruin or break the air gun.