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Is all un passport visa free to Canada?

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is it possible to get UN passport.many asked such question if possible to get UN passport and how. abraham

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Name all country that is visa free or visa on arrival for namibian passport holder

I have a lesotho passport I'll like to know all the visa free countries?"

I ve a lesotho passport,i will like to know all the visa free countries i ve a lesotho passport,i will like to know all the visa free countries

No, all BOTSWANA passport holders need a visa to enter Japan.

If you are a US citizen you don't need a visa for Canada. All you need is a passport and that runs about 70.00 to file. It is countries like Russia where you need a visa.

Yes, all Malaysians need visit/tourist visa to visit Canada. One needs to show all the required documents for tourist visa.

The countries a Brazilian passport holder can travel visa free to include all countries in the EU and those in the "mercosur" - check the related link for all countries.

Sadly, starting Thursday, Canada is no longer a visa-free country for Mexico. It was, but a new law to restrict refugee status claims from the Czech Republic and Mexico means ALL Czech and Mexican nationals will need a visa to enter.

yes it's visa free to all Nigerian passport holders.but you need an us uk Toronto transit visa before entry Barbados

I just read in a website 15 days for all passport type.Bangladesh (Visa on arrival - $50, available at Zia Airport; diplomatic and official passport for 30-day visa-free)What_countries_can_Thai_citizens_go_to_without_a_Visa

None. You need a passport for all the places you go when you are out of your area. For example, if you live anywhere in the USA, Hawaii, or Canada you will need a passport.

all the countries on the globe all the countries on the globe According to the Visa Restriction Index issued by Henley&Partners Afghanistan passport holders can enter 22 countries without a visa as of September,1 2008

If you are the citizen of all three, apply for all three. However, the visa-free travel is much better for the British passport holders- especially when you want to go to Europe.

It is only in India, Nepalis are allowed to live, studyand work without a passport or visa. All SAARC countries issue visa to Nepal citizens on arrival.

Your question is confusing. Who wants to know what? You? And there are no free Sierra Leone passport visas to South America or from South America. If anybody tells you it is free, they are lying.

No. American citizens don't require a visa to enter Mexico. All you need is your passport.

No you don't need a visa. Australia is part of the commonwealth for the UK so all you need is your passport.

To enter Canada, first check the visa requirements for your country at "". Citizens of some nations (such as Mexico and the Czech Republic) require a visitor visa to enter Canada.Next: make sure that you have a valid passport, as all foreign nationals entering Canada are recommended to use a passport for entry. (This is REQUIRED if you are entering Canada by air).Finally, book your vacation/visit to Canada with a travel agent or independently (your choice). Welcome!*Most travellers (those who don't require a visa) are allowed to stay in Canada for up to 90 days, if you wish to stay longer you must apply for a visa extension from your country's embassy or consulate in Canada.

Jamaica, Bahamas, barbados, all west African nations

kenya, ecuador, all countries of UEMOA (west africa monetary union)

Yes, all Syrian passport holders need a visa to travel to Sri Lanka.Only Maldivis, Singapur and Malaysia are free.

If coming from the US, Canada, Europe or Japan, all you need is you passport. Otherwise, you will also need a visa issued by the Mexican government.

No, British passport holders do not need a visa to Austria. Same goes for all EU citizens, and Swiss citizens.

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