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no because aluminum foil is a metal

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Q: Is aluminum foil a better heat conductor than metal?
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Aluminum foil is it a cold conductor?

Things do not conduct cold, they conduct heat. Being a metal aluminum foil is both a good conductor of heat and electricity.

Is floil an insulator or a conductor?

What is floil? Do you mean aluminum foil? If so, metals conduct heat fairly well.

Why does electricity flow through aluminum foil better?

It flows through aluminum foil better because electricity flows throw aluminum or metal better then plastic or other

Is salt water a better conductor of electricity than aluminum foil and brass?

YES Metals are better conductors !

Does aluminum foil attract heat?

answ2. Heat is not 'attracted' 'repelled' by anything.Polished aluminum foil will, and thus is a thermal insulator.Aluminium metal itself is a good conductor of heat.It will reflect the sunlight and retain the heat.

Does aluminum foil conduct electricity?

I tried using it on my secret invention called "the potato battery" and it powered my flashlight so yes it will

Which metal is the hottest?

aluminum metal gets the hottest, not aluminum foil, normal aluminum

What type of metal is found in aluminum foil?


Is aluminum foil a conductor or insulator?

Insulator or conductor depending on the circumstances. Aluminum foil conducts heat, but it cuts off air flow and reduces evaporation of fluids. Aluminum foil reflects and thus minimizes radiation transmission. With foods it is more useful as an insulator. It also acts as an insulator on windows. But, aluminum is definitely a good heat conductor.

Is aluminum a good conductor of heat?

Aluminium is a metal and metals are good conductors of electricity. Metals also tend to conduct heat,sound and energy.

What metal is used in foil?


Why is aluminium foil an element?

because aluminum foil is really metal and metal is an element.