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Q: Is ampiclox recommended for toddlers
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Is Tooth FX: Black safe for use on toddlers?

Tooth FX: Black is not recommended for use on toddlers.

When to use Ampiclox?

You can use Ampiclox when you have got a real terrible cold.

Are Playmobil toys for toddlers?

No, PlayMobile toys are not recommended for toddlers. Most of the sets come with many very small pieces which are choking hazards.

Is ampiclox safe in pregnancy?


Can ampiclox be used for acne?


What can you take allergic to penicillin?


What is the dosage for ampiclox 500?

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Can you take 500mg Amoxicillin and 500mg Ciprofloxacin together?

No there is no point in taking ampiclox and amoxil together as amoxil and the ampi component in ampiclox are in the same group of penicillins

Are leaning bookcases safe for a house with toddlers?

No they are not safe unless they are bolted to floor and unable to move, but are not recommended in a household with a toddler.

What is the use of Ampiclox?

used to cure pneumonia related diseases

Which cheap Christmas ornaments are recommended for a family with toddlers?

Some Christmas ornaments can be risky for a family with toddlers because of the risk of injury, or small parts being swallowed. Cheap ornaments should therefore not be too small, should not break into sharp pieces, and should not have small components that could be detached or swallowed. Plastic molded decorations, paper decorations, and non-electrical ornaments are therefore recommended to families with toddlers.

What is the daily recommended intake of calcium for toddlers?

1-3 years old get 500mg per day (about 2 servings of milk)