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No - 'special ed student' refers to a student who needs additional learning support in school or college, most autistic people do not require additional learning support.

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Q: Is an autistic student the same as special ed student?
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Can a special ed student go to college?


CAn an 18 year old date a special ed student 16?


Can autistic children go to normal schools?

Yes, autistic children can be taught in mainstream schools. Most autistic children are likely to be mainstreamed, one reason being that autistic children thrive in mainstream school when they're allowed to learn and interact with their neurotypical peers. Often in special education autistic children aren't challenged enough, this is true in mainstream schools too but worse in special education.

How many classes does severe and or profound disabilities and or severeor profound special needs students needs to take and why?

does special ed student's take a few alternative ed classes (alt ed) classes

How many special Ed classes does a borderline disability student take?

Depends on the school.

Where is the best place to find activities for autistic children online?

I came across a link with many activities for children with Autism at The site lists the top 10 activities to do with children with Autism.

Is it bad to date a special Ed kid?

No its not. They are the same as you. That's how I see it

Is it nice for a teacher to call her special ed student tardy?

No, because tardy means slow or late in happening or arriving.

How has technology improved economics?

special ed student needs to know how technology has improved economic development of the united states

How do you describ opportunity?

Equal Opportunity - When everyone has the same chance/opportunity to do something. *example - special ed students have the opportunity to learn as do students who are not special ed . Hope this helpsss(:

Do children with aspergers tell lies?

Generally, no. Lying is a social skill that some Autistic children lack, it is hard for them to understand the concept of lying, for it is an interesting thing to not tell the truth to some one you know. But however, it is always different for every person. If you have any further questions about Autistic children, then email me at I love talking about it, and I have loads of experience with Special ed kids, and Autistic children.

What if your not a teacher but an interpreter for a deaf student in a residential special needs school and need help with having student loans forgiven?

You mean the 17.5k for a special ed teacher in a Title I school who took their 1st loan after 10/1998? You don't qualify.