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It would be up to the coroner or medical examiner to make that determination. I've seen cases where there was an autopsy, and I've also seen cases where the body is viewed but not autopsied by the medical examiner.

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Q: Is an autopsy performed for a suicide?
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Does California law require an autopsy for suicide?

No, California law does not require an autopsy for a known suicide. If the death is suspicious or reasons for death are unknown, an autopsy is required.

When a child commits suicide is a autopsy done on the child?

Yes, an autopsy is typically performed on a child who dies by suicide to determine the cause of death and gather evidence. Autopsies can provide crucial information to understand the circumstances surrounding the death and help in the investigation and prevention of future incidents.

Is Texas resident who commits suicide required by state of Texas to have autopsy?

Any unattended death requires an autopsy

How can you use the word autopsy in a sentence?

The pathologist performed an autopsy on the deceased.

Is an autopsy performed on all deaths?


Is there an autopsy for the rapper dolla?

yes unless a person is sick and dies in the hospital under the care of a doctor there is a autopsy performed

What would somebody perform an autopsy on?

An autopsy is performed on a dead animal or person to investigate the cause of death or other information.

What does morgue mean?

Where dead bodie are kept untill an autopsy can be performed.

What are the reasons for not doing an autopsy on the pope?

Autopsies are not prohibited but permission of the Curia must be obtained. An autopsy would only be performed if there was no obvious cause of death.

What is a sentence using the word autopsy?

The coroner performed an autopsy on the dead body found in the penthouse.A coroner investigates the cause of death.An autopsy is an examination of parts of dead bodies to determine the cause of death.synonym: post-mortem

How do you request an autopsy in California?

A person can request that an autopsy be performed in the state of California. There is a deposit must be paid beforehand to cover any costs that may be required.

What are reasons for performing an autopsy?

To determine the cause of death... this is done occasionally at the request of the family member, but mostly autopsies are performed on murder victims. Also suicide victims... anything where foul play is suspected. Medical students also do autopsies sometimes to learn the art.