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My dad dead and his wife that he has been apart from from years come to his funneral. She receive the flag from the navy based the payed for him to be buried. She didn't pay for anything. She called us after she bagged for his death paper to get his money for the insurance company she said that she was going to give us the money she also got a plack from the president and said we can get one to. I want to find out how can his children find out the truth? If she got money or not?

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Is the first wife entitled to benefits after death of ex husband that remarried?

If so ordered in the divorce, or if the exwife is still listed as the beneficiary.

Is the exwife entitled to anything once a person has been remarried for 15 years?

Only if the divorce settlement stated stated so, then yes.

What is the word for exwife in Hebrew?

exwife = אשה לשעבר (ee-SHA li-sheh-ah-VAR)

What are words with the prefix ex?

exwife exstudent exteacher

Where are pictures of Will Smith sisters?

where is the picture of will smith exwife

Can children under the age of 18 be a beneficiary of a life insurance policy in the State of Oklahoma and or can you be forced to list your exwife as the beneficiary in the divorce decree?

You can name you testimentary trust in most cases, but that means you have to have a new will. And the court can still require you to have you ex-wife listed on your life insurance.

What does the prefix ex mean in exwife or exhusband?

it means that ur not with them any more

How is Halie Eminem's daughter?

Hailie Jade is the daughter of Eminem and his exwife Kim.

What can you do about an exwife who calls your husband to chat?

If they have children, There is 0 you can, Or should do. You already signed off on that.

When is Lil Wayne's exwife toya birthday?

Oh Her Birthday Is October 26, 1983.....

Can your exwife leave your child with a convicted felon?

My exwife has been using a convicted felon as a baby sitter for my 10 yr old child.Do i have any legal rights? the only legal right you would have is if they were convicted of a crime against a child.

Who is the exwife of Leslie Roberts of Global News?

Amalia Fernandez, assigment editor CTV Montreal

Who was rod Stewarts exwife?

Alana Stewart and Rachel Hunter were each previously married to Rod Stewart.

Why does my husand call you by his ex-wifes name?

everytime he introduces me to a group of people he introduces me as his "Judy", his exwife.

Can an exwife sue husbands estate for child support he never paid?

Yes, if the statute of limitations for such action has not expired.

What does it mean when a guy refers to his exwife as his wife?

He isn't used to the fact that they broke up yet or he is just embarassed.

what can i do about my exwife not showing up for my court ordered visitation?

Your rights are explained here http://www.illinoisdivorce.com/family_law_articles/visitation_laws.php

Can my exwife take my child to sleepover at her boyfriends?

Yes she can. Neither one of you can dictate to the other who the child is allowed to see or not.

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