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No, because putting a comma signifies that the sentence ends outside the quotation marks and putting an exclamation mark says that it ends inside.

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Q: Is an exclamation point inside quotation marks followed by a comma?
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Does the comma go before or after the quotation marks if it is followed by an independent clause?


What are the punctuation marks in English?

. period , comma ; semi-colon ? question mark ! exclamation mark ' single quotation mark : colon " double quotation mark - dash

What mark of punctuation is most closely associated with interjections A period B comma C exclamation point D quotation marks?

I'd say, c) Exclamation Points

What is a part of speech followed by a comma or exclamation mark that expresses a strong feeling or emotion?

That would be an interjection.

When a quotation appears within a quotation what the punctuation marks?

The inner quotation is treated just like the outer quotation in terms of capitalization, commas etc., but the quotation marks are single rather than double. e.g. She replied, "He only exclaimed, 'I don't like you anymore!' and walked away." Before both quotations, the inner and the outer, there is a comma. The punctuation completing each quotation is still within the appropriate quotation marks - the exclamation point at the end of the internal exclamation is inside the internal quotations. However, the quotation marks for the inner quotation are single (like apostrophes - ' ) instead of double (as usual - " ).

Does a comma still go inside the quotation marks if it is indicating a song?

If the comma is a part of the title, it would stay exactly where you found it.

Do you put comma or period inside quotation marks Period or comma?

This depends on the context... If the quotation is at the end of the sentence, place a period inside the quotation marks. EX: Raul remarked, "I rather dislike pistachios." If the sentence continues on after the sentence, place a comma inside the quotation marks. EX: "Now I see your point," she admitted. And in the case that the quotation is at the end of the sentence AND one is writing a research paper with MLA internal citations, the period comes outside of the quotation marks and after the internal citation. EX: Disease was originally thought to originate from "unbalance humors or devilish spirits" (Robinson 56). (Note that these rules change if you use exclamation points or question marks.) (Also note that the citation and quoted text in the third example are completely fictitious.)

Do commas go inside or outside of the quotation marks?

Typically, there is a comma before the quotation begins (outside) and at the end of the quotation (inside). Within the quote itself there may be other commas that belong to the sentence within the quotation marks as well.

Do you type a quotation mark before a period and a comma?

No, the quotation marks go after the comma or period.

Why does the comma go inside the quotation mark?

Why indeed? In British English punctation it goes outside ...

Can you name seven punctuation marks in English grammar?

? question mark . period , comma ! exclamation point " quotation marks ; semi colon : colon ( ) parentheses

Does the comma come before or after quotation in return to sender?

Return to sender does not require quotation marks or a comma.

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