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Q: Is an iron frying pan a mixture a compound or an element?
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Is an iron nail a element compound or mixture?

in its pure form, iron is an element, but that may not be what you are referring to.... if you have iron oxide (rust), this is a compound of iron and oxygen.

Is iron is element compound or mixture?

Iron = Fe = element

Is iron or mixture a compound or an element?


Is Iron an element or a mixture or a compound?


What is an iron is an element compound or mixture?


Is an iron filings an element or a compound?

Iron is a chemical element; sand may be a compound or a mixture.

When iron melts is it a element compound or mixture?

It is a compound.

Why is iron a compound and not a mixture?

Iron is a chemical element.

Is iron ore a compound or an element or a homogeneous mixture?

Iron ore is a compound.

Is compound solid?

A solid may be an element (iron), a compound (iron oxide), a mixture (iron ore).

Is a block of iron element compound or a mixture?

Yes. Pure iron is an element.

Is iron a compound mixture element?

Iron is an element, and is the heaviest element that may be made by fusion in a Star such as our Sun.