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Ocelots are large cats, so they are land animals.

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Q: Is an ocelot a sea animal or a land animal?
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What relationship does an animal have with an ocelot?

An ocelot is a member of the category animal.

What type of an animal is an ocelot?

An Ocelot is a large Cat.

Was the saber-toothed cat a land or sea animal?

A land animal!

How do you put a sea animal on land on animal jam?

You have to have two sea animals and then......

What animal anagram is olcteo?

The animal is an ocelot.

What kind of animal can be found on land and in the sea?

Snails can definitely be found on land and in the sea.

What animal has a relationship with an ocelot?

I think leopard, tiger and lion all have relationship with the ocelot.

What is an animal that can be found on land and in the sea?

A turtle

What animal is the ocelot related to?

The margay, and oncilla are smaller versions of the ocelot, and tend to be more arboreal.

What kingdom is a ocelot under?

The kingdom is Mammilia, the Phylum is Chordata.

What are an ocelot's instincts?

what are ocelots animal instincts

What sort of animal is an ocelot?

The ocelot is a wild feline or cat, spotted, and found in Central and South America.