Is an ostrich an wild animal?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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No. Ostriches are native to Africa.

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Q: Is an ostrich an wild animal?
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What animal is Queenie in Animal Crossing Wild World?

Queenie, Animal Crossing Wii, is an ostrich.

What wild animal starts with o?

ostrich, octopus and osticolara Ornithorhynchus

Is an ostrich an animal?

yes indeed an ostrich is an animal.

When is a ostrich not at the zoo?

An ostrich would not be at the zoo when it is in the wild!

What is the fastest animal out of an ostrich and a zebra?


Which animal has the biggest eyes ostrich grizzley bear orelephant?

ostrich ostrich

What is a very wild bird?

a very wild bird is an ostrich.

What animal eats a ostrich?

Humans eat ostrich, silly

Is ostrich one of the endangered animals?

No the ostrich is not an endangered animal.

What is the biggest animal cell?

Well, it is the ovum of the ostrich egg. I discovered this in the wild Amazon. Put the egg under a huge microscope along with all the others and found out that the ostrich egg is the biggest and has the largest cell

What does ostrich means?

An ostrich is a tall animal that is apart of the bird family.

Out of the giraffe ostrich and wolf which animal runs the fastest?

ostrich is the fastest