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Is anyone having problems getting charter ppv ufc 100?


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July 12, 2009 3:44AM

I did the below and it worked for me they acted like it was my fault somehow LOL. I' **I had the laptop waiting for online support for 45 minutes and the home phone was on hold for an hour. I wised up and called Charter on my cell but I didn't push any buttons to direct my call. I was on hold for 20 minutes and the guy just pushed a button or two on his end and now we are happily watching UFC 100. I also had them note the account so I get a credit for missing an hour and a half!!

Yeh I ordered it on PPV and it is just blank. Can't tell if it is not working or not started yet. But i thought it would have started at 9:30pm, its is now 9:57. I have charter anyone know whats up? I am having a problems as well and have been on hold with charter for 17 minutes waiting for a CSR. I was able to watch until Alan Belcher got into the ring and then it went black. I ordered it in HD, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. Nothing has changed. I ordered it not in HD and it still has been blank. It really sucks that we pay all this money as it is to have charter and an additional 45 dollars to watch this fight and nothing but a blank screen. It was on until the announcements were ready to begin. Yeh they won't even say what to expect, or give some info somewhere. I am ready for satellite TV, nothing could be worse than having Charter. It has been hell for 5 years now with internet and cable problems, even the friggin phone sucks. So pissed. This is my swan song with Charter. I'm ordering Dish first thing monday. I just don't understand how THE BIGGEST PPV EVER is not working. I mean seriously how do you F this up. I've been on hold for 58 minutes now waiting for a CSR and two fights are already over. If it does come back on I'm not paying for it. I am on hold as well. picture goes digital and sound drops, this sucks!