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Area and perimeter use different units to begin with; square units and linear units respectively. They can never be the same because they operate in different dimensions.

Secondly, area is found by multiplying the dimensions, length times width; in a square this is the length of one side times itself, hence the term 'squaring' to describe such an operation. Perimeter is found by adding all sides; in a square this is effectively four times one side length.


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A square has the same area and perimeter of 16cm

The area and perimeter might be written with the same number,but they can't be 'the same' because they have different units.If the length of the side of the square is 4 feet, thenits perimeter is 16 feet and its area is 16 square feet.These are not 'the same'.

not necessarily. take the example of a 3x3 square and a 4x2 rectangle. Both have a perimeter of 12. but the square has an area of 9 and the rectangle has an area of 8.

the area of a rectangleis 100 square inches. The perimeter of the rectangle is 40 inches. A second rectangle has the same area but a different perimeter. Is the secind rectangle a square? Explain why or why not.

Consider a 4 x 4 square. The perimeter is 16 units. The area is 16 square units. The whole number is the same, but the units are not.

4x4 square: perimeter - 16 area - 16 6x2 rectangle perimeter - 16 area - 12

There is no standard relationship between perimeter and area. For example, you can have two rectangles that have the same perimeter, but different area.

The area of a square is a function of the perimeter of the square.

There is a square that has a length of 4. Area: 4 x 4: 16 Perimeter: 4+4+4+4= 16 Yes, there is a shape with the same perimeter and area.

If the area of a square is 12 the perimeter is: 13.86

No, any shape with four sides and same perimeter will always be a square.

The perimeter of a polygon is not generally equal to the number of square units contained in its interior, which is the definition of the area of the polygon, not of its perimeter. By coincidence, the area and perimeter of a square four units on each side have the same magnitude, 16, but the perimeter is 16 units and the area is 16 square units .

A square 4 squares in the middle and 4 lines out so it has to be a square!!! actually a square does not have the same perimeter and area a 4x4 area square has 8 perimeter so no squares do not but i have made a shape that has 32 perimeter and 32 area so it is possible and we don't want to tell you what the shape is. i already gave you too much information with the 32.... << inccorect A 4x4 square does have the same perimeter and area 4x4=16 4+4+4+4=16 But there are also other shapes such as a circle witha diameter of 2 A right angled triangle with sides of 6, and 8 and the hypotenuse being 10 has the same area as perimeter.

A square will. The only shape that can enclose more area with the same perimeter is a circle.

The area of a square with perimeter 28cm is: 49 cm2

When the area of a square is 36cm2, its perimeter is: 24 cm

A square with an area of 400 square units has a perimeter of 80 units.

creat a flowchart that will compute for the area and perimeter of a square?

As a square has 4 even sides... and the total perimeter is 36 each side must be 9... so therefore the area is 9 (the same)

The perimeter of a square with an area of 5,000 square yards is: 282.8 yards

If the area of a square is 35 square units the perimeter is: 23.66 units.

A square with an area 90,000 square units has a perimeter of: 1,200 units.

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