Is argon flammable or combustile?


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Neither. Argon is chemically inert. It is neither flammable nor combustible.

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Argon is not flammable.

no, argon is a noble gas and is not flamable

Argon is non-flammable.

A material that is flammable catches on fire from a minimal source. For example, propane can catch fire from just a tiny spark. A material that is combustible or combustile is any material that will burn but requires a more dominant source. For example, wood is combustile, it burns, but it needs more than just a spark to do so. All flammable material are combustible but not all combustible material are flammable

You cannot since argon is not flammable.

no I think you may need the word combustile

Argon is comletely nonflammable. a flammable, colorless gas beginning with "a" would be acetylene.

It is not flammable.

Argon is an inert gas, hydrogen is not. Hydrogen is flammable and would negatively impact the arc process.

acetylene is a flammable gas and relies on oxygen to burn. Argon would prevent a flame by displacing oxygen because of it's density in comparison to oxygen.

if it is heated to much it will blow up as it is flammable and explosive it is also dangerous if pressurized in a container

Virtually none, since it is a colourless, odourless, non-flammable gas which is totally inert to other substances.

Because helium (He) is lighter than air and not flammable like Hydrogen (H) which is the lightest element.

Yes although the method for each are quite distinct. Aluminium is extremely flammable if you get it hot enough. For this reason you have to surround it in an atmosphere of Argon when wielding.

The element Argon has 8 Isotopes argon-35, argon-36, argon-37, argon-38, argon-39, argon-40, argon-41 and argon-42.The stable isotopes of argon are:argon-36, 0.34%argon-38, 0.06%argon-40, 99.60%Of the radioactive isotopes argon-39 has the longest halflife at about 260 years, all the others have halflives measured in days or much less.

Water is not flammable. The noble gases are not flammable.

Yes, some gels are flammable. How flammable would depend on it's alcohol, or flammable substance content. Some gels are not flammable at all, and others a very flammable.

Argon is an element and all the atoms in argon are argon atoms.

It is not flammable.

Yes, some polymers are flammable, HIGHLY flammable.

Argon is used to make argon

Curiously enough, the name of argon Is argon.

Scandium is considered a flammable material. Scandium is considered as flammable.

If the air freshener is not flammable the propellent most likely is flammable.

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