Is astatine a metal metalloid or non metal?


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My science teacher says that Astatine is a nonmetal.

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No, the guy before me was wrong, Astatine is a Metalloid and it is used in the Radiotherapy of cancer.

Astatine is a nonmetal and halogen.

Astatine is a solid nonmetal.

It is a metalloid. It is in the p block.

It is usually considered a metalloid, but also sometimes considered a halogen or just a plain ol' metal.

Astatine is a radioactive halide (non-metal), not enough of it exists to determine its physical characteristics.

Astatine, with the symbol At and the atomic number 85, is usually classified at a metalloid, but this is in dispute. It is sometimes classified as a halogen, and possibly a metal. It is still being studied.

it is a metalloid because it is a metal and non-metal at the same time

Antimony is a metalloid because it has qualities of a metal and non-metal

It is not a metal or non metal

Chlorine is not a metalloid. It is a non metal.

The element selenium is a non-metal.

Silicon is a metalloid, which is a mix between metal and a non-metal.

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon and is a non-metal.

Propane is a hydrocarbon and a gas. It is a non-metal.

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