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no its actually a great topic to talk on for a topic sentence!

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Q: Is avoiding football injuries a broad topic or limited paragraph?
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Is sports a limited or relatively broad paragraph?

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What are the limited topic and the controlling idea in a paragraph?

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What is a limited paragraph topic?

A limited paragraph topic refers to a specific subject that a paragraph focuses on. It helps to stay focused on a single idea, ensuring clarity and coherence in writing. By restricting the scope of discussion, a limited paragraph topic allows for a more in-depth exploration of a particular point.

Is travel a broad or a limited paragraph topic?

Broad. very, very broad.

Is music a relatively broad or limited paragraph topic?

This depends on your scope and focus of the research.

What is the most common injury done to a victim of polio?

usually injuries are limited to paralysis.

How many lost or limited days are due to musculoskeletal injuries each year?


What is limited paragraph?

It is when you can only write how ever many sentence per paragraph before you have to start a new one. Usually 7-9 sentences at the most.

Is Ayurveda limmited?

Ayurveda seems to be limited in treating severely advanced conditions, traumatic injuries, acute pain, and conditions and injuries requiring invasive surgery

Can authors use more than one thought pattern in a paragraph or passage?

No, usually it is considered good practice to keep a paragraph limited to one topic and start a new paragraph when the topic changes. (There are, of course, exceptions, such as a paragraph that sets two different topics in relation, but several topics in a single paragraph is often a sign of sloppy writing and rarely a prerequisite for a good paragraph.)

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For both American football and standard football (soccer) the standard amount of players allowed for each team on the field is 11. When players are limited in American football you will see 8 man football.

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