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Banks are competitive. This is why they spend so much on advertising. Monopoly and competition are opposites.

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Is mobile phone industry a monopolistic competition?


Is Best Buy an oligopoly or monopolistic competition?

monopolistic competition

Is the market structure of the flatbed scanner industry an oligopoly or monopolistic competition?

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What is the main difference between monopoly and monopolistic competition?

In monopoly there is only one industry. In monopolystic there are more than one industry.

Is Apple a monopoly or oligopoly or monopolistic?

monopolistic competition

What are the basic market model?

There are four basic market models based on the amount of competition within the industry. They are pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and pure monopoly.

Fast food is monopolistic competition?

Fast food industry is in a monopolistic competition. This means that fast food businesses produce similar yet substitutable products, are profit maximizers, and all these businesses have some market power.

Describe monopolistic competition?

describe competition

Is product of shampoo include in monopolistic or perfect competition?


What is the explanation for the features of monopolistic competition?

Existence of large firms, no competition and influence over the prices are some of the characteristics of monopolistic competition.

What kind of market structure is the coffee industry?

My views are very much depend which focus area that you intend to discuss; 1) Coffee Plantation Industry is perfect competition 2) Coffee Retail Industry is Monopolistic Competition

Which is the main difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition?

In monopolistic competition, sellers can profit from the differences between their products and other products.

What is one difference between a market in monopolistic competition versus pure competition?

Firms in monopolistic competition sell similar, but not identical products.

Difference between perfect competition and monopolistic competition?

In perfect competition there are no restrictions about new entry or withdraw of existing firm in the market. But in monopolistic competition there are restriction on the new coming and withdrawing company, that mean no firm can enter or exist from the market in monopolistic competition.

GIVE examples of monopolistic competition in economics?

the common examples of monopolistic competition are foods,clothes,newspaperetc

What are the disadvantages of household in monopolistic competition?

The disadventages of this is that ... well it sucks muahhahaha Disadvantages of a household in monopolistic competition are that a monopolistic competition work as one big industy and no one can start there own bussinesses because they government will not allow it.

What does monopolistic competition and perfect competition have in common?

they maximize profit

Types of Market Competition?

Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition or Oligopoly

What describes a situation where monopolistic competition exists?

When many producers are selling slightly differentiated products is a situation where monopolistic competition exists.

What are three types of business competition?

Pure Competition Monopolistic Competition Oligopoly Monopoly

Is product of shampoo include in monopolistics or perfect competition?

Monopolistic Competition

The differences between perfect competition monopolistic competition monopoly and oligopoly?

In a perfect competition, the buyer is free to buy from any seller he or she chosses. :)in perfect competition there are many industries and the product is homogeneousin monopolistic competition there are many industries but the product is not homogeneousin monopoly there is only one company that produces the productin oligopoly there are not many industries that produces the product and there is a leader industry which "Rules" and controls the price

Why nokia and samsung are in monopolistic competition?


Why is nokia a monopolistic competition?

bcuas it is a shettttttttttttttttttt

What is an example of monopolistic competition?

Retail stores