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Beano works to prevent gas by breaking down complex carbohydrates before they can cause gas, whereas Gas-X works by breaking up gas bubbles in the digestive tract. Beano may be more effective for preventing gas before it occurs, while Gas-X may provide faster relief for existing gas symptoms. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference and the specific needs of the individual.

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Q: Is beano better than gas x to releive gas?
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Does beano cause gain weight?

Beano is used to rid the body of gas from foods and drinks. It is not responsible for weight gain.

How does beano work?

beano works by preventing gas... it stops you from farting but it does raise glucose level... (glucose means sugar)

Does beano work?

Yes, the medicine Beano does work very well for gas. The pills can be purchased at drugstores and retail stores such as Walmart.

Does Beano help lactose intolerance symptoms?

Taking Beano can decrease lactose intolerance symptoms when you eat something that does not agree with you. It will reduce the gas and upset stomach feeling.

Will Motrin help with stomach bloating and gas?

No and taking higher doses can cause it. Try something for gas like gas-x or beano

What can you take to stop passing gas?

Stop pigging out on the beans.Gas x and beano will work.

Are electric ovens better than gas?

Yes, electric ovens better than gas.

Can beano help with gas and bloating caused by caffeine?

Beano is typically used to help reduce gas caused by consuming certain foods high in fermentable carbohydrates. It is not specifically designed to address gas and bloating caused by caffeine. However, if your symptoms are related to the foods you are consuming along with caffeine, Beano may help to some extent. It is always best to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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What effect does beano have on fiber?

Beano, the drugstore pills for relief of gas, has absolutely no affect on fiber whatsoever. But, it does have a very beneficial effect on the bacteria in your digestive system. What it does is provide enzymes for them to use to breakdown the fiber and when they have an easier time digesting it for you, they let off less gas inside of you, that wants to get out of you!