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Yes it is the best thing in the world

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Q: Is being good at writing essays a prerequisite to being an engineer?
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Does being good at math but not essays hinder you from physics chemistry and engineering?

Well, it helps to have good writing skills in these sciences since you need to report your work. You have time to develop that. Not necessarily essays - I hated those and I am an engineer - but technical documentation in writing is very important

Is it true that if you are excellent at math but bad at writing essays you will never succeed in engineering as well as being an engineer?

No. It is not true. There's no analytical way to make a statement like that.

How long does it take to get a masters degree in writing?

There is no such thing as a degree in "writing", being able to write is a prerequisite of studying for any degree.

Is it true that if you are not good at writing essays you cannot be an engineer?

Not necessarily, good writing skills are a bonus for being promoted to management and getting bonuses, however, it's not a requirement because for one thing, engineers are not good at writing papers and secondly, they only know numbers and don't know how to explain it in a way that the client understands.

Is engineering for people who are good at math but bad at writing essays or papers?

Being pretty good at math is almost always a prerequisite skill for becoming an engineer, but it is hardly the only one. Beyond being good at math, engineers have to have strong problem solving skills. Eventually most engineers also find themselves promoted to management positions where people skills, budgeting, and organization become critical. As far as writing skills are concerned - sorry to tell you but good engineers also have to be very good at technical writing. While it may seem like essays and papers are not the same as technical writing, most of the skills of persuasion and analysis that are critical to writing essays and other papers are also necessary elements of technical writing. Most engineers spend a large fraction of their time writing reports - to document their work, to explain it to upper management, convince others of the accuracy of their work, convince others of a course of action based on the work they have done, and to justify expenditures or justify investments in facilities, repairs, new acquisitions, new construction, etc. My experience as an engineer is that I spent about a third of my time doing "engineering" a third of my time writing reports, and a third of my time attending meetings - including presenting the content of my written reports. Bottom line - you need to have BOTH good math AND writing skills to become a good engineer.

Is it abnormal for you as an engineer to be good at math but bad at writing?

It is not at all abnormal for an engineer to be good at math but bad at writing because one who is good at math tends to do problems in his own less time consuming way. In this process he deviates from his good writing skills (if he has any), to reach the solution However it is extraordinary for an engineer to be both good at math and writing and abnormal for being bad at both!

What do you have to learn to be a engineer?

Your math and physics in addition to learning the ethical responsibilities and work experience of being an engineer. If you want, you can improve your writing skills but it's not really needed.

In addition to being an artist Brunelleschi was also an?


Must you have a scholarship to become an author?

Being recipient of an academic scholarship is not a prerequisite for becoming an author, but being a scholar will certainly help. ___ No. Creative writing and academic ability are unrelated. Publishers will be interested only in the quality of your writing and whether they think it will sell and fit in with their types of publications.

What are the benefits as a petroleum engineer?

benifets of being a petroleum engineer.

Is engineering for people who are good at math bad at writing and programming?

Sometimes, it isn't quite about what you are good or bad at to decide what to do or be. Even if you are good at math, it might not mean you like doing ALL math related things. Being bad at writing and programming also does not mean you will not like something that has either writing or programming. Although it is true you will tend to enjoy what you are good at since it will be easier for you to complete tasks about it, the choice is still yours. If it is for studies, you could consider on the prospects in the future. The job availability of what you study and how easy it is for you to find jobs after graduation should be something under consideration as well. You do not necessarily have to be good at writing to be a good engineer. Eventually, however, as an engineer, you will very likely be expected to explain your engineering to someone who doesn't understand the field, and being bad at writing will make such explanations a challenge. The best way to improve your writing skills is to A) take more writing courses than are required for graduation, and B) write as much as possible - essays, papers, articles, etc. Never resign yourself to being a bad writer. If you think or know you are, do what is necessary to remedy the situation.

What are the disadvantages of being an engineer?


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