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You are asking the wrong question. Normally when you can get to 10 reps it is time to add more weight. Now you should go to 60 pounds.

The object of weight training is to add strength.

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Q: Is benching 55 pounds at 10 reps weak for a 14 year old?
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What should an 18 year old senior in high school be benching?

At least 300 pounds

How much can evander holyfield bench?

Sorry i got this wrong before. Evander wasn't benching 170kg (375 pounds) for 12 reps with his heart rate at 180-190 bpm - It was 360 pounds (163kg) for 10 reps with his heart rate at 180-190 bpm in 1989, at probably around 210-220 pounds, as that year his fighting weight was at about 210 pounds, as the year before he became a heavyweight. I actually emailed holyfield management on Holyfields official website a few years ago about this TWICE!!??, but never got a reply (his heaviest bench and deadlift). I also know he could deadlift 440 pounds (200kg) for 10 or 11 reps, which i read on a website last year, don't know if it was with straps or not though.

Whats an average for a 15 year old to be benching?

The average weight for a 15 year old ranges from 115-185lbs. Im weak and can only do 135lbs at 17 years old, but i dont workout that much haha, besides smoking pot. Was that good enough for you.

I can dead lift 50 kg for 7 reps and am 12 is that normal or weak?

Thats about average. Maybe slightly below average. It all depends on your size for a 12 year old.

How much can a 13 year old usually bench?

At the age of 13 you shouldn't be benching... Wait a couple years.

Average strength for a 17 year old?

not super strong, but if your asking bench, then you should be benching at least 250

How long is a house of reps term?

A two year term.

Can 11 year olds bench press 60 pds?

in theory yes; it all depends on how much muscle mass you have and how long you have been weightlifting. To be safe when weightlifting, you must take 1 or 2 minute breaks in between each rep of 10. i highly recommend you bench press 35-75 lbs and 8 reps of 10 every other day. This allows your body to rebuild muscle mass. If your arms start shaking while you're pushing up then your benching too much weight.

How much do sales reps earn with lincare?

24k year plus comisssion

How much money do Oakley sales reps make?

27 pence per year

How in gods name can a fourteen year old who's body is not developed yet possibly be benching anything over forty kilograms?

hey. I'm fourteen, 128 pounds and I'm 5-ft. 5 inches. I can easily bench 60 kilograms. Its not too difficult. I have friends who can bench press over 75. I'm fourteen and I'm 150-155 pounds and 5'11 and bench 135 twice. That isn't a lot at all, i consider myself weak. You obviously don't understand how the youth of today work, humans are evolving! haha idk. Maybe who knows.

How much exercise should a 7 year do?

7 year olds should do 10-16 reps of any exercise