Is biomass expensive?


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Biomass is not expensive but the process of which it is made is

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not expensive but the process in which biomass is made is

it is expensive to produce because the biomass technology isn't fully developed

1 dollar to set up biomass

Biomass as a product is not as expensive as many may assume. It is however a common believe that the process of making biomass is rather costly as compared to other sources of energy and this directly impacts on the cost of biomass as a finished product.

It is usually not not expensive because most people don't us it in mass proportions.

It smells Expensive takes up a lot of space

Burning biomass creates polluting gases and liquid wastes. At large plants it's economically possible to install technology to recycle and process the wastes, but there are still doubts about impact of smaller biomass plants. Collectiong,transporting, and storing biomass is very expensive.

biomass produces no radioactive waste.

The energy that is contained inside animals and plants is biomass energy. Advantages of biomass include that it is clean energy, no harmful emissions, and it is renewable. Disadvantages include it is expensive and inefficient compared to fossil fuels.

Some advantages of use biomass as a energy source is that it is renewable and it is available throught the whole world. Some disadvantages are the it is expensive and it contributes to GLOBAL WARMING!!!!!!!!

1) It contaminates. 2) It stinks 3) Environmental Impact of dumps. 4) Expensive.

there is not a thing negtive about biomass we need to save biomass it!

Biomass energy, or biofuel, comes from sources such as wood, manure, and sewage. Disadvantages of using this type of energy, as opposed to fossil fuels, are that it can be expensive, inefficient, harmful to the environment, and it uses more up land and fuel.

its pretty much everywhere. anything containing carbon is biomass. dirt is biomass. poop is biomass. a tree is biomass. you are biomass. so is your dog.. so, yeah; its pretty easy to get your hands on.

the energy derived from stored energy in biomass is called biomass energy. (biomass is the bodies of living things)

Some of the least expensive types of alternative energy include petroleum, coal, alcohol and biomass. Solar and wind energy are, of course, free of charge.

what are antonyms for biomass

Yes. Pollution comes from biomass. It is also cleaned in part by biomass

Biomass is the 'weight' of biological matter. often measured in a biomass pyramid.

It's only an opinion so make it up yourself I think biomass is better. It gets rid of trash that is filling the landfills. It is also renewable. Biomass energy uses energy crops that aren't food to any animals, so they're not being hurt in the process. It reduces pollution and global warming. The downside is is that biomass can be expensive and it still lets out quiet a bit of pollution.

Thomas A. Milne has written: 'Sourcebook of methods of analysis for biomass and biomass conversion processes' -- subject(s): Biomass chemicals, Biomass conversion, Biomass energy

Biomass is a renewable resource.

no, it is biomass and biowaste

Biomass is about 1/3 of the price off coal and oil. This has a knock on effect of saving people like you a lot of money at home. It is also renewable, making it even more useful. Answered by a private school kid in england

biomass Biomass is being used by wood fire and many other things.

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