Is bird flu a DNA or RNA virus?

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Bird flu (Avian Flu) is a Type A influenza and contains RNA.

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Q: Is bird flu a DNA or RNA virus?
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Is the common flu an RNA or a DNA virus?

The common seasonal flu ("regular" flu) is an RNA virus.

Is the Swine Flu a DNA or an RNA virus?

Swine flu is an RNA virus belonging to the family Orthomyxoviridae.

Is the flu virus a DNA virus or an RNA virus?

All of Influenza A, B and C are RNA viruses, part of the Orthomyxo family and genus.

Is the flu RNA or DNA?

The influenza virus genome is ssRNA (single stranded)

What is inside a flu virus?

A flu virus is a single strand of RNA.

Is avian flu DNA or RNA?

it is rna

What are the symptoms of the bird flu virus?

The Bird Flu virus manifests itself in a variety of ways. The symptoms of bird flu are: running nose, high ever, cough, lethargy, and general fatigue.

Is bird flu a bacteria?

no it's a virus

How did the pig start the Swine Flu?

Viruses cause flu. Viruses are little pieces of DNA or RNA surrounded by a shell. These viruses infect a cell. Once they get inside a cell, the viruses lose their shells and the pieces of DNA or RNA start making new copies of the DNA or RNA and put them into new shells. The cell then falls apart and releases all the new viruses. Sometimes a bird, animal, or human catches two or more types of flu at once. Then pieces of DNA or RNA from two different types of flu can get together in one shell. It makes a new type of flu. That type of flu starts infecting animals or people. The pig didn't start the swine flu. Two viruses infected a pig at the same time and created the virus responsible for swine flu.See the related question below for more details of how the virus went from pigs to people.

What is Strand A flu?

An RNA virus whose genome is complementary to RNA and that carries mRNA polymerases necessary for the synthesis of a new virus.

What is the h5ni?

The H5N1 Virus is the Avian Flu, or otherwise recognized as the bird flu. :)

What is the virus that causes avian or bird flu?


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