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Boiling and melting points are very different.

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Q: Is boiling point is always same as the melting point?
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Is the boiling point of a substance always the same as the melting point?

The melting point is the same as the freezing point; however, the boiling point is not the same as the melting point.

Why does the boiling and the melting point can be used to help identify substances?

cause all pure substances have a fixed boiling and melting point unless impurities is added their boiling and melting will always remain the same.

Is the melting point of a pure substance always sharp?

Y,es the melting point of pure substances is always sharp. When unadulterated by impurities, the boiling point will always remain the same, or sharp.

For any pure substance the boiling point and melting point will always remain?

The melting point and the boiling point of a substance are physical characteristics for each substance and are unchanged at the same pressure.

Do all liquids have the same boiling and melting point?

The boiling and melting points are very different.

Are melting point and freezing point the same thing?

Yes, the melting point, and boiling point of an element are indeed the same thing. the important temperature point for an element is the boiling point

Why the boiling point is different than melting point?

Melting point goes from solid to liquid. Boiling point goes from liquid to gas. Melting point and freezing point are the same.

Is the boiling point the same as the freezing point?

No, but the freezing point and melting point of a substance are the same.

Effect of pressure on melting point?

The greater the pressure, the higher the melting point. The same as for the boiling point.

Is the boiling point of something the same as the melting point?

The boiling point is when a substance changes from liquid to gas and the melting point is when substance goes from a solid to a liquid

The freezing point and boiling point for matter is a constant Explain this meaning of constant?

It means that the freezing or melting points do not change, that they are always the same, depending on the type of matter. For eg. the melting point or freezing point of water is 0○ Celsius and the boiling point is always 100○C.

Is freezing boiling or melting most affected by pressure?

Boiling point is most affected by pressure. Note that freezing point and melting point are in fact the same.

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