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yes a bouncing ball is an example of SHM

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Q: Is bouncing ball an example of simple harmonic motion?
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Is a bouncing ball an example of simple harmonic motion?

It is not an example of a simple harmonic motion. For a simple harmonic motion, the equilibrium point must be in the middle of the applitude. The object must oscillate about equalibrium point.

What is that motion which is periodic but not harmonic?

what is difference between simple harmonic motion and vibratory motion?

Is motion of swing an example of simple harmonic motion?

A body undergoes simple harmonic motion if the acceleration of the particle is proportional to the displacement of the particle from the mean position and the acceleration is always directed towards that mean. Provided the amplitude is small, a swing is an example of simple harmonic motion.

Why is a ball an example of simple harmonic motion?

because its motion is done repeatedly

Is uniform circular motion a simple harmonic motion?

Simple Harmonic motion is circular motion. Look at a graph showing simple harmonic motion... you'll see it.

More differences between simple harmonic motion and periodic motion with practical examples?

because we see that in simple harmonic motion there are trignometric function from which we can define its equation of motion. now we know that these function are periodically but bounded to some conditions that's why all periodic function can not be simple harmonic motions.

Is oscillation of compound pendulum or simple pendulum is perfectly simple harmonic motion?

A simple pendulum exhibits simple harmonic motion

Does a pendulum undergo simple harmonic motion?

A simple pendulum undergoes simple harmonic motion only for small amplitudes because for small amplitudes the motion almost reduces to a straight line motion. Simple harmonic motion means motion on a straight not on curves

What is the motion of a pendulum?

Simple harmonic motion

How to calculate the period of a simple harmonic motion?

by using the formula we will calculat time period of simple harmonic motion

When will the motion of simple pendulum be shm?

The motion of the simple pendulum will be in simple harmonic if it is in oscillation.

Is it possible for a moving body to have acceleration without velocity?

simple harmonic motion (SHM) the two summits of motion are an example