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Bromine (molecular Br2) is an covalent compound

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no it forms a covalent compound

Al(br)3 is an ionic compound

No. As they are both nonmetals carbon and bromine will form a covalent compound.

Ionic; silver is a metal and bromine is a nonmetal so they make an ionic bond.

No. Two nonmetals combine by forming covalent bonds, forming a molecular compound.

Bromine form ionic bonds with metals.

MgBr2No, this compound is an ionic compound formed from the cation,Mg 2+and 2 bromine anions,Br -to form the ionic compound magnesium bromide.

NaBr is an ionic compound. Generally, a metal bonded with a nonmetal forms an ionic compound. Also, the difference in electronegativity between Na and Br is 2.03, which is definitely ionic.

There is no electro negativity difference.The bond is covalent.

A covalent compound is a compound in which its chemical bonds are covalent bonds where-as an ionic compound has ionic bonds

Bromine molecule has a covalent bond.

Strontium nitride is an ionic compound.

im guessing covalent compound It is inadequate to discuss about a telephone in terms of ionic and covalent compounds. But, plastics are covalent compounds.

It is an ionic compound. But no compound is perfectly ionic or covalent. Even ionic compounds have covalent character to some character(polarisation).

is carbon an tretaflouride ionic or covalent compound

It's ionic if it is bonded with hydrogen or other metals, and it's covalent if with other nonmetals, but since bromine is a halogen, it is most likely to form ionic compounds.

It's a covalent compound.

sugar is a covalent compound sugar is a covalent compound sugar is a covalent compound

A covalent compound, not ionic

Milk is not a compound, it is a mixture containing both covalent and ionic compounds.

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