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Q: Is bsc agriculture degree of annamalai university is approved by kerala psc?
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Is Annamalai university approved by srilanka university grant commission?

Yes, the srilankan grant commission accepts annamalai distance education degree.

Is MBA distance education from annamalai university approved by UGC?

Dear i like to tell you that university need to take approval of UGC & DEC, any unversity of kerel need not to be involved in this. You may be confused with that that there might be any annamalai study centre in kerela which is running correspondence courses. That is possible. That study center need to be approved by DEC. With this i would suggest you to check for other good universities for admission like Delhi uni, lovely professional university.

Is kerala psc approved annamalai university distant education?

No that need to be approved only by DEC and the university under which it is coming that is anna uni should be approved by UGC. There are other good opportunities with you as -Jamia Milia, Islamia, New Delhi. -Lovely Professional University, -Andhra University.

Do we have One sitting degree exams in annamalai university?

yes, for discontinued students only...

Is the degree of B.Ed from Cmj university silong approved by NCTE?

is the degree of m.ed from cmj university silong approved byNCTE

Is a bachelor of education degree from annamalai university recognized by maharashtra state education board?

Ask the school -

IS MPHIL Degree done in prist university approved by ugc?

Yes it is approved because the university is approved by ugc and declared as deemed university by ministry of human resource and development, government of india.

Is Bachelor of General Laws degree from Annamalai University is recognised as a law degree?

The Bachelor of General Laws is not recognized as a law degree. This particular course is for the duration of two years, and you cannot practice after doing this course.

When will Annamalai University show May 2008 results?

Last year the result for bachelor's degree programmes was declared around 10th september. Let's see when they declare it this year.

Is jjtu university approved by ugc if yes then it's name is not showing in UGC approved list?

no, it is not approved by ugc and aicte for Ph.D. this university gives any degree by taking money from the candidate one person who is known to me get the ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering from JJTU though he is 10th std. fail

Is master of education degree of dr cv raman university chhattisgarh approved by ncte?

rajasthan national university,jodhapur & shreedhar university,pilani.. these two university ugc & UPsC and other computations examination for valid or approved ? pls tell me sir

Is Dravidian University Kuppam recognised by kerala psc?

Dravidian University's Degree courses are approved by calicut it is recognised by kerala p.s.c