Is bsc equivalent to mbbs

Updated: 10/10/2023
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No they are not equal with the M.B.B.S. being a first professional degree and awarded after completion of medical school.

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no it is not

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Q: Is bsc equivalent to mbbs
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What groups can BSC students select in MBBS?

Rich BSc students can select MBBS

How many years MBBS after Bsc nursing?

i finished my bsc nursing at SRM COLLEGE OF NURSING wether i can do post MBBS if possible i want to duration of post MBBS

What you do after bsc biology?

after i finished my Bsc bilogy i want to proceed to MBBS, and if i get what ii want i can proceed to my masters unider micro bilogy

What are good courses after 12 in biology except mbbs and bsc nursing?


Can you do MBBS after doing BSc nursing?

i think you should give the medicalentrance exam meanwhile studying bsc if u get a seat in mbbs you have to pay a fine to the college in which u are doing of luck but remember its gonna be xtremely tough

Can you do mbbs after bsc nursing in India?

i have diploma in general nursing and midwifery but now i want to b a doctor

Can a 40 years old person WITH BSc degree can do mbbs degree?

of course there is no upper age limit

Can you do mbbs after your bsc nursing in India?

Ofcourse Yes.. I am doing MBBS after my Engineering degree in EIE department.. I prepared for entrance and right now I am doing MBBS in JIPMER.

Is MSc in Organic Chemistry equivalent to BSc Chemistry?

Stupid question, how can MSc be equivalent to BSc.

What qualification do you need to be a doctor?

Qualifications to be a physician are one of the following medical degrees: DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine-offered in the United States only), MD (Doctor of Medicine), MBBS, MBBS/BSc, MBChB, MBBCh, BMBS.

Is Bsc civil engineering equivalent to BE civil engineering?


How you can do MBBS after BSC Zoology?

You have to give AIPMT or State level PMT test if you are looking forward to do MBBS.The eligibility criteria is that you should have atleast 60% marks in your 12th board.