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It is colloid because it is made from most of a mixture and some of the soltuion particles so yeah u got it little boy now go on in life! jokes.

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Is orthoclase heterogenous mixture solution compound or element?

its not an element, therefore it is a compound

Is steam an element compound heterogenous or solution?

Steam is simply water in a gaseous state, so it is a compound.

Is nitrogen a compound element solution or heterogeneous mixture?

It is a diatomic element. As such, it would be a solution. It is not a heterogenous mixture because heterogenous means nonuniform. N2 is uniform because it is composed of all the same element in the same proportion. It's a solution.

Is a sand a element compound solution suspension or colloid?

Sand is a mixture and rarely is only one compound.

Is a pond an element compound suspension or heterogeneous homogeneous or a colloid?

A pond isn't a element, compound, solution, colloid, or heterogeneous mixture. So it's either a suspension or a homogenous mixture My vote is suspension

Is gravel a heterogenous mixture solution compound or element?

Gravel is a heterogeneous mixture because it has a uneven distribution of vastly different particles. It is definitely not an element or a solution.

Is pure gold a solution?

I wanna know which of these is pure gold made of, mixture, heterogenous, homogenous, solution, pure chemical solution, compound or element?

Is burrito a compound element or mixture?

a burrito is a heterogenous mixture

Is table salt a heterogenous or homogeneous?

Is steel an element or compound

Is mercury a compound element solution suspension mechanical mixture or colloid?

Mercury is an element; its symbol is Hg. You can find it on the Periodic Table of Elements in the transition state section.

Is an element and a compound heterogeneous?

Is wood a compound homogeneous mixture a heterogenous mixture or an element. Is steel a homogeneous mixture a heterogeneous mixture an element.

Is vinegar a element compound suspension heterogeneous mixture homogeneous mixture of colloid?

Vinegar is a homogeneous solution of acetic (ethanoic) acid in water.

Is cork a compound element or mixture?

A mixture. Heterogenous. (it grows from trees)

Is the salt is an element compound solution?

salt is a compound. it is not an element

Is solution of NaCl is a compound or element?

Sodium chloride is a compound, not an element. The solution is a homogeneous mixture./

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