Is carbon a small or big molecule?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Is carbon a small or big molecule?
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Is carbon dioxide a macro molecule?

No, as molecule go carbon dioxide is a small, simple molecule.

Is carbon dioxide a oganic macromolecule?

No, carbon dioxide is a small inorganic molecule.

How does the size of a carbon molecule compare to that of hydrogen?

A carbon atom is about 1.5 times as big as a hydrogen atom.You'd need to be more specific about what you mean by "a carbon molecule". Carbon molecules can be enormous.

A single unit of a large carbon based molecule?


What is an insoluble molecule?

a insoluble molecule is when the food is to big to digest so it turns into a small soluble molecule.

What tv show has a carbon molecule chain in the title as a picture?

Big Bang Theory

How big is a water molecule in scientific notation?

very small

Which element holds electrons more tightly in CO?

The molecule of carbon monoxide is slightly polarized; oxygen has a small positive charge and carbon has a small negative charge.

Is carbon a small or big atom?

The empirically measured covalent radius of carbon is 7o picometers; it is a small atom.

Is glucose a two carbon molecule?

No, it is a six-carbon molecule.

How does molecule of carbon monoxide differ from a molecule of carbon dioxide?

Carbon monoxide is CO and carbon dioxide is CO2.

Is diamond a atom or a molecule?

Diamond is made up of pure carbon. Here one carbon atom is attached to other four carbon atoms. So diamond should be called as molecule. Should be! If it is called as molecule, then it will be too large a molecule. It will be interesting to count the number of atoms in a big diamond. It will not be possible for the human brain to understand such a very high number.