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Is carbon homogeneous substance?

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Yes. Carbon is an element, which is a homogeneous pure substance. It is not, however, a homogeneous mixture, which is not a pure substance.

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Is carbon a mixture or substance?

A substance is homogeneous; it is an element or a pure compound.A mixture can be both homogeneous and heterogeneous; it is the combination of two or more substances.Since carbon is an element, it is a substance.

Is pure carbon a heterogeneous or homogeneous mixture?

Pure carbon is an element, which is a pure substance, and therefore is homogeneous. It is not a mixture.

Is graphite homogeneous or heterogeneous?

it is a pure substance...an allotrope of carbon

Is carbon Dioxide a homogeneous or heterogeneous mixture?

Neither. Carbon dioxide is a pure substance, not a mixture.

Is a carbon dioxide is an example o homogeneous mixture?

No. Carbon dioxide is compound, which makes it a pure substance.

Is water a homogeneous substance?

Yes. Water is a homogeneous (pure) substance.

Is graphite homogeneous or heterogenous?

Graphite is actually considered a pure substance and not a mixture. However, this substance could be considered a homogenous substance since it only contains carbon.

Is plastic wrap a homogeneous or heterogeneous substance?

Homogeneous can it be used as one substance

Is sugar a heterogeneous or homogeneous substance?

Sugar is a compound, which is a homogeneous substance, but not a mixture.

Is a colloid a homogeneous substance?

yes a collloid is a homogeneous

What is the difference homogeneous and heterogeneous mixture?

homogeneous have same substance in mixture.heterogeneous have two different substance.

Is quartz a heterogeneous or a homogeneous substance?

Quartz is a homogeneous substance. It is the compound silicon dioxide, SiO2.

Is Jello an heterogeneous substance?

No, it is a homogeneous substance.

Is Carbon dioxide gas homogeneous?

compounds are not homogeneous

Is water heterogenous or homogeneous?

homogeneous- it's a pure substance

Carbon mix with sand is it a homogeneous or heterogeneous?

Homogeneous because you can't see the carbon in the sand.

Is CO2 a heterogeneous or homogeneous?

CO2 is a pure substance and so is homogeneous. Hint: if it has a chemical formula then it is a pure substance.

Is table salt a homogeneous substance?

Not a substance, it is a pure compound. Each crystallic particle is pure NaCl, homogeneous

Is sulfur heterogeneous of homogeneous?

Sulfur is an element and therefore a homogeneous substance.

Is argon gas homogeneous?

Pure argon gas is a homogeneous substance.

Is acetylene a hetergeneous a homogeneous?

Acetylene is a pure substance so it is homogeneous.

Is homogeneous a pure substance?

A homogeneous substance is the same throughout. So, a bar of pure gold, a diamond, pure water, saline water (water with salt dissolved in it) and nitrogen gas are all homogeneous, as they consist of the same substance(s) throughout. In other words, they are regular.So, you could say that a homogeneous substance is a puresubstance.

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