Is carbon more reactive than boron?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: Is carbon more reactive than boron?
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Is Carbon more reactive than Phosphorus or vice versa?

carbon is more reactive

Is carbon 12 more reactive than carbon 14?

Carbon with a mass of 14 is more reactive. It is an isotope. but i don't know exactly why it is more reactive..

What element is less reactive than potassium but more reactive than carbon?


Is carbon more reactive than phosphorus?

NO, not in their pure form. Phosphorus is much more reactive.

Is copper more reactive than carbon?


Why isn't carbon present in magnesium?

carbon is more reactive than magnesium

Why is carbon not used for reducing aluminum from aluminum oxide?

because aluminium is more reactive than carbon (open "reactive series" in internet).

Why is carbon less reactive than sodium?

Because carbon is in group 14 of the periodic table and sodium is in group 1 so that means that sodium is more reactive because its in group 1 which is more reactive than group 14.

Which element is lighter among these carbon boron uranium?

Boron is lighter than carbon and uranium.

Why does carbon C have a larger atomic mass than boron?

Because it has more subatomic particles. It has one more proton, one more neutron (usually), and one more electron than boron.

Is iron more reactive than sulfur?

Yes, iron is more reactive than calcium as iron is a metal and generally metals are more reactive than non-metals and calcium is a non-metal.

What is more reactive CO2 or CO?

CO is more reactive than CO2. This is because CO has a single bond between the carbon and oxygen atoms, which makes the oxygen more readily available for reactions. CO2, on the other hand, has double bonds between the carbon and oxygen atoms, making it less reactive.