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Not exactly. The term "carpal" refers to the bones of the wrist; the condition "carpal tunnel syndrome" is caused by compression of a nerve passing through this area.

Arthritis, of which there are a number of types, refers to inflammation of a joint (arthri is a Latin prefix meaning "joint").

So while both conditions involve joint problems, the one is caused by irritation of a nerve in the wrist only, while the other involves inflammation, and often deformation and immobilization, of joint tissues and can occur in any joint.

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Carpal tunnel syndrome, it is caused by compression of the median nerve that runs through the "carpal tunnel" in your wrist.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in joints and other tissue leading to their damage or destruction.

If someone has inflammation as a result of rheumatoid arthritis in the area of the carpel tunnel the resultant swelling may lead to compression of the median nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel. This condition is particularly prevalent in the case of rheumatoid arthritis.They are however to entirely different conditions with entirely different treatments.

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Q: Is carpal tunnel syndrome the same as arthritis?
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Can arthritis cause carpal tunnel?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress injury (which is to say, stress builds up when you do the same kind of motion over and over) and it has nothing to do with arthritis which is a degenerative illness (the body is wearing out with age).

Who gets Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a repetitive stress kind of injury, so anyone who makes the same kind of motion a lot would be vulnerable. Typing on keyboards is a typical cause.

Can carpal tunnel be caused by head injury?

Not exactly.There is a long nerve(median nerve) that exits out of your neck bones(vertebrae),travels through your shoulder,upper and lower arm,through your wrist area (called the carpal tunnel) and branches out into your thumb,and first 3 fingers.If you have some type of neck injury..say a ruptured disc at the location where this nerve originates,then you can have symptoms that mimic carpal tunnel syndrome(CTS).True CTS is from prolonged pressure/inflammation on the median nerve at the carpal tunnel area in your wrist .Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a collection of characteristic symptoms and signs that occurs following entrapment of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel. Usual symptoms include numbness, paresthesias, and pain in the median nerve distribution. These symptoms may or may not be accompanied by objective changes in sensation and strength of median-innervated structures in the hand. Given that carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is associated with low aerobic fitness (and increased BMI), it makes inherent sense to provide the patient with an aerobic fitness program.

Can breastfeeding cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

I have experienced carpel tunnel syndrome symptoms during breastfeeding, but I have also had the same during the first month of pregnancy (after which the numbness/tingling disappeared and did not re-appear until I was breastfeeding). I suspect it is something hormonal. I have never had repetative work injury issues. I am wondering if menopause will aggravate it.

How else is the carpal tunnel syndrome disease known?

It is known as a repetitive stress injury, as it most commonly occurs in individuals who engage in motions that require the hands to repeat the same movements over and over again.

What are the symptoms of cuboid tunnel syndrome?

Cubital tunnel syndrome (AKA Ulnar neuritis and ulnar neuropathy) some people may refer to this as "carpal tunnel of the elbow"Findings Present: Discomfort or painful numbness and tingling along the bottom portion of your forearm down to your ring and little fingers. (same area as when you hit your funny bone) may have history of bending elbow repetitively or forearms leaning on edge of table/deskFindings Absent: Full range of motion. Pain is not made worse by resisted motion. Usually no night pain. Carpal tunnel exam should be negative

What are the features of a laptop tray that helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

A laptop tray helps to place your hands at the correct levels to ergonomically provide comfort. In this way your muscles are not being strained the same as with normal typing.

Healthy Tips for Avoiding Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel affects the hands and wrists, causing a numb feeling that can also be painful. This condition is most commonly caused by repetitive motion. Working on the computer, or any job that requires using the hands in the same motion time and time again, can cause carpal tunnel. With some preparation, you can begin following tips to help you in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.Repetitive MotionOne of the main causes of carpal tunnel is repetitive motion injuries that stress the ligaments and joints in the hands and wrists. Avoiding carpal tunnel can often be accomplished by ensuring you are holding your hands properly when typing or working. The proper support and alignment for the hands and wrists can be very effective in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome.When working, whether using tools or typing, holding the hands in a natural, comfortable position is ideal. Some experts recommend wearing gloves that support the wrist while providing warmth to maintain flexibility of the hands and wrists. If you are working on a computer, taking the time to set up your desk space to promote natural wrist alignment and adding tools to support the wrists can help in avoiding carpal tunnel.Developing Carpal TunnelAvoiding carpal tunnel can also be accomplished by recognizing early symptoms of the condition and which types of activities promote the condition. In general, carpal tunnel is developed primarily by those working on tasks that require the same types of motion over and over. Carpenters, factory workers, and typists can all develop carpal tunnel due to the nature of their work. The condition is also more common among women than men, though both sexes are affected by this potentially disabling condition.Tips for Healthy HandsAvoiding carpal tunnel is easier when you have ergonomically designed tools and desk spaces. Taking the time to ensure you are comfortable when working can be a simple way to maintain your hand health. You may also want to begin taking rest breaks throughout the day, and recognizing signs of pain or numbness in the hands. Carpal tunnel is a condition that can be avoided with just a few tools and resting the hands as needed.

What type of repetitive hand movements are more likely to cause carpal tunnel syndrome?

Motions that require the hands to repeat the same movements over and over again, especially with strong, forceful hand movements or ones that involve vibrating tools.

What can I do if my carpal tunnel surgery symptoms have returned 2 years after having the surgery but not the same job?

This is certainly possible, surgery can help relieve pressure off of the median nerve, but scar tissue and inflammation of the tendons can result in reoccurence of carpal tunnel symptoms. Also if you have risk factors such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, arthritis will be prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. You can change jobs but if you are doing something similar it may still cause problems. Generally, the best thing to do is start with the basics again. Such as limiting your hand useage, using ice wrist wraps after hand/wrist useage 3 x day, sleeping in nocturnal splints every night! Start hand stretching/CTS wrist exercises, using advil or equivalent per label. If you still are having symptoms after 4-5 weeks I would contact your provider.

If while unclenching your fist you find that you have to apply gentle force because your fingers have become stiff and wont open or feel fatigue on the wrist trying to open is this some disorder?

AnswerYou could have arthritis (can hit any age) or possibly Carpal Tunnel Syndrome where a wrist brace may be needed. Sometimes it's simply a chore you've done where your hand is always in the same position or you could have bruised a nerve. It's important you have this checked out by your doctor.

What are some of the conditions that can affect people who work with unsatisfactory ergonomics?

often work with poor posture. Cumulative trauma disorders (also called repetitive strain injuries) are caused by repeating the same motion in awkward positions or with noticeable force, such as in lifting heavy objects. Carpal-tunnel syndrome