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it is a valid board

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Q: Is cbhe delhi is a fake boardor not?
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Is cbhe board is valid?

CBHE is is not a recognized Board from the government and there fore it is not valid to apply job with it.

Is Commercial University Ltd Delhi fake university or not?

Is Commercial University Ltd Delhi fake university or not?Read more: Is_Commercial_University_Ltd_Delhi_fake_university_or_not

Is council of higher secondary education delhi is fake?

National board of secondary examination Delhi is fake or not

You want know about the board of higher secondary education Delhi is approved by government of Delhi?

it is fake board . dont trust on this board. i done 12th class and i have not got addmission yet. plz dont trust on this board. it is fake. bye take care......

Who is john Peterson in british high commission in new delhi?

JOHN PETERSON is fake person who is working for fake company ... they are called their company the MARRIOT HOTEL. please be carefull from this type of fake email.

Is BHSE Delhi situated at Banga Punjab state fake?

no, it isn´t. It`s quite real.

Is commercial university Ltd in Delhi recoginised by Canadian visa office?

I had applied for PR for Canada. They rejected me on the grounds of having degree from fake university which is "Delhi Commercial University Ltd". Hence the answers is NO

Is kotex prime a hospital company in Austria?

Austrian embassy in delhi people told that " THIS HOSPITAL IS UNKNOWN " I think its FAKE

Where can you buy a fake WWE title in Delhi Atlanta Zurich Paris Toronto London?

Nowhere. You have to go to if you have a Computer.

Is national institute in business studies is recognised with delhi university?

no nibs is not recognised by the delhi university

Is western international university in Delhi a fake institute?

No, It is not a fake university.. Check out Check out the websites mentioned in the accreditation letter - search for western international university, and you will see that it is fully accredited

Is there any place in delhi where you can buy fake Louis vuitton bags?

Check out CURIO. Its an Online store. And has much of range and good quality stuff.