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No, in fact they love it! We feed our dog chicken all the time!

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2011-01-04 01:24:22
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Q: Is chicken bad for dogs
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Is cow or chicken liver bad for dogs?

NO.. it is not bad for dogs.

Is eating chicken cartilage bad for dogs?

Chicken cartilage can be eaten by larger dogs. Small dogs may get the chicken cartilage stuck in their throats and choked.

Is raw chicken bad for dogs to eat?

No i feed my dog's raw chicken and they live me!

Is raw chicken skin bad for dogs?

i am pretty sure

Can dogs eat large amounts of cooked chicken breast?

I feed my dog 21 breasts of chicken he lives it ?? Is this bad

How long does it take for dogs to digest chicken bones?

Shouldn't really give a dog chicken bones. Bad for their health.

What do dogs do with the chicken after it kills it?

The dogs ignore the chicken after kills it because dogs know that they are the more powerful than a chicken.

Can dogs eat fish or chicken?


Do dogs like chicken?

Most dogs do like to eat chicken. If you are feeding chicken and it is cooked you must remove all bones. Cooked chicken bones are splintery and can lodge in a dogs throat.

Are chicken hearts good for dogs to eat?

i have heard that chicken hearts are good but idk about cooked chicken heart, ive seen some comments that raw chicken hearts are good for them,just look it up and check if its bad for them

How is chicken bad for you?

the chicken is bad for you because it blocks your lungs.

What is bad for a dog to eat?

Chocolate, peanut butter and Chicken bones dogs shouldn't be eating these things because chocolate will kill the dog the peanut butter will clog the dogs system and chicken bones break into shard like structures. They are not strong enogh but dogs can have porkchop bones

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