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Sure - dogs like chicken, and it's easy to digest - it's for babies.

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Q: Is chicken gerber good for dogs?
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Chicken is good food for dog?

chicken is good for dogs but not the bones

Chicken wings are they good for dogs?


Can dogs have chicken prepared with vinaigrette?

It is not good for them.

Are chicken necks good for dogs?

The bones aren't good for dogs and thats whats in the neck.

Is chicken liver good for pregnant dogs?


What is Dog's Favourite Food?

Dogs are love chickens alot and if don't know where can you find a good chicken for dogs, just check this link and you'll find a good chicken from USA.

Is the Gerber Daisy poisonous to dogs?

No, not according to the ASPCA'S website.

Are chicken hearts good for dogs to eat?

i have heard that chicken hearts are good but idk about cooked chicken heart, ive seen some comments that raw chicken hearts are good for them,just look it up and check if its bad for them

Are chicken eggs good for dogs?

I've heard it's good for dogs do eat raw eags (without the shell). It's good for they're fur.

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What do dogs do with the chicken after it kills it?

The dogs ignore the chicken after kills it because dogs know that they are the more powerful than a chicken.

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