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China's currency is restricted, meaning that it cannot be simply changed like one would for say Japanese Yen.

You may exchange if you have some trade flow or documentary evidence supporting the exchange.

You may be able to get relatively small amounts exchanged at money changers.

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Q: Is china's currency exchangeable in international market?
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Euro currency is the time deposit of money in an international bank located in a country different from the country that issued the currency. However the Eurocurrency market is the money market for borrowing or lending currencies that are in the form of deposits in an international bank and is used to execute domestic transaction.

Function of International credit market?

The main function of the international credit market is to make profit. Another function is to ensure that the local currency value is not brought down.

What is the price of elephant tusk per kg in Indian currency in international market rate?

20 thousand

Why the foreign exchange rate is volatile in the international market?

A country's currency flunctuates due to the country's economic activities

What is difference between money market and foreign exchange market?

Foreign exchange market is a market where foreign exchange currency problems are resolved in international trade. Where as Money market is for the lending and borrowing of short term loans.

Safest currency for the future invstment?

A currency future, which is also narrated as FX future or foreign exchange future, is a future contract. This is the currency that is used in international market to exchange currency. All country use this main currency as their reserve and deal with other countries in this FX currency.

What is the difference in the stock market and the currency exchange market?

A stock market or equity market, is a trading place where buying and selling of stocks happens to gain some profits. The currency market, also termed as Forex, is a global, decentralized market where the transaction of currencies takes place. The largest international banks and financial institutions takes part in this Forex trade.

Current status of Indian currency?

international market's value of India is great but internal rupees value is zero for AAm Indian.

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Lev to what? Euro? I Euro = 1.955 BGN (Bulgarian Lev) USD rate varries on International market

Purchasing Power Parity theory?

it is the theory which determines the power of once country's currency to purchase a particular product in international market

What is the market for foreign currency exchange?

Question: What is the foreign currency exchange market?Ans:The main currency exchange market is Forex/FX. The market covers all the accepts of selling and buying currencies on the existing values. In terms of volume it is the largest currency market of the world.

How do you match a product with the type of market in which it is sold?

oil = commodity dollars = currency exchange market treasuries = bond market Corn and wheat-Commodity market Pesos and yen-Currency exchange market Munis and Treasuries-Bond market