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Is china the first biggest country?


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No. But China is the biggest in population, not in land size.


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After China, the country with the biggest population is India.

Yes,first goes Russia then Canada,then China.

China is the fourth biggest country in the world. The first three are Russia, Canada, then the United States.

No, the UK is not the biggest country. China is the biggest country by population and Russia is the biggest by land area.

No, China is the fourth largest country.

China has the biggest population because the population in china is 1,320,000,000.

China is the fourth largest country in the world.china

The People's Republic of China, aka Red China or Mainland China, has the biggest army in the world.

It is the second biggest country in the world, with russia being the first.

It depends on whether you hold the view that the USA is larger or smaller than China. If the USA is larger, then, yes, China is the fouth biggest country. Otherwise, China is the third largest country.

Biggest nieghbouring country to Pakistan is China and the country with longest border is Afghanistan

China is the most populous country, however, in terms of area it is the fourth largest country.

No, the United States is the third largest country, China is the fourth.

The country with the largest population is China.

China has the biggest. India has the second biggest

china is the biggest population in the world

china is the first country

yes, china is the biggest country and most people live there. russia WAS the biggest but after it broke into two parts because of civilization dispute, china is the biggest now.

China and Canada. Canada has the most people in the world, China is the BIGGEST country in the world. Altough, you SHOULD try going on and shearch up "Largest and biggest country of the world?". ;D

The third biggest country in the world is: China9,326,410 sq km, (3,600,947 sq miles).

China is most certainly a country, one of the biggest populated ones at that. It belongs to the continent of Asia.

No, Russia is the biggest country in the world.

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