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Chlorine is a Halogen.

Along with the rest of the elements in the group.

Mostly ending with ine.

Bromine and Fluorine for example.

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Q: Is chlorine a alkali metal alkaline earth metal transition metal halogen or noble gas?
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Is rutherfordium a alkali metal alkaline earth metal transition metal halogen or noble gas?

rutherfordium is a transition element

Is sodium a halogen a noble gas a alkali metal or a alkaline earth metal element?

It is located, in the periodic table, with the metalloids. However, it is a transition metal.

Is chlorine in the family alkali metal?

No; chlorine is a nonmetal and a halogen.

Is Plantinum Pt Alkali Alkaline-Earth Or Transition?

Platinum is a transition metal. It is in the d block.

Does CaCl2 contain an alkali metal and a halogen?

Calcium chloride contains an alkali earth metal (calcium, a group 2 element) and a halogen (chlorine). There is no alkali metal. Alkali metals are group 1 elements.

What are the common properties of halogen?

highly reactive with alkali metals and alkaline earth metals

Which of these groups of metals is the most active alkaline earth alkali halogen coinage?

The alkali group of metals is the most active.

Is Strontium Sr Alkali Alkaline-earth or transition?

Sr is in group 2. It is an alkaline earth metal.

What is chlorine classified as?

sodium is an alkali metal and chlorine is a halogen....

Is xenon a alkali metal or alkaline earth metal or halogen or noble gas?

A noble gas.

What are the names of the families of the Periodic Table?

Alkali Metals Alkaline Earth Metals Transition Elements Boron Family Carbon Family Nitrogen Family Oxygen Family Halogen Family The noble Gases

Is fluorine an alkali metal or halogen?

No single element can be both an alkali metal (form +1 cations) and a halogen (form -1 anions).Alkali metals :LithiumSodiumPotassiumRubidiumCesiumFranciumHalogens:FluorineChlorineBromineIodineAstatine