Is cinnamon dangerous for dogs?

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In excessive amounts, I have tried a little sprinkled on my dogs food, who is a diabetic, but the cinnamon did not help lower her BG, but it did not hurt the dog, I don't recommend using it unless you have a reason, if you do only a sprinkle.
I recently checked with my veterinarian after giving my dog cinnamon and he did not know of any problems and did not have any concerns.
my dog ate cinnamon toast crunch i dropped on the floor, and then he swelled up like a balloon. he threw up and pooped 4 times before he went to bed. he passed alot of gas, and today he is normal size. was it the cereal he ate that made him swell?
I don't know, but Cinnamon toast crunch is not good for any creatures, including humans. Read the ingredients.
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What are the dangers of inhaling cinnamon powder?

Cinnamon, can dry out the mouth airway and lungs because of its fine powder consistency. unlike salt which is more of a granule, cinnamon is a fine powder which can more easil

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs, but it is toxic to cats. You can giveyour dog a stick of cinnamon, as long as you don't have a family cattoo, which could be licked by the cinn

Can dogs have cinnamon?

Yes. Cinnamon is fine for Dogs. It is Chocolate & Peanut butterthat will hurt them. . Peanut butter is fine for dogs in small amounts. The bad partabout it is that it is fi

What is the danger of eat powder cinnamon?

Quite simply it is impossible to swallow it as it dries the mouth out quickly. Bu not being to swallow it, it can be inhaled or make you choke, resulting in your possible deat

Is eating cinnamon dangerous?

Cinnamon helps you stabilize your sugar levels. Many diabetics knows this and uses it. It has not been found to be dangerous.

Does cinnamon get rid of dog worms?

2nd Answer: No, Cinnamon does not get rid of a dog's internal parasites. You would need to take your dog in to be checked out by your Veterinarian. Bring a small sample of y

Is cinnamon dangerous?

The only time cinnamon can prove dangerous is when a large amount is ingested it will dry your throat out and possibly cause asphyxiation.
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Is consuming a full tablespoon of cinnamon dangerous?

arguably yes because it is so dry that it wont go down your throat, and will cause you to choke. In some cases it also causes vomiting, anyway, why don't you try it and get ba
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Is pure ground cinnamon dangerous?

Some cinnamon can be dangerous because it contains ingredients that are bad for your liver. If you are going to use it just for seasoning you would be alright, but if you are
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Can dogs eat cinnamon chips?

No. Absolutely not. If this has already happened, please consult a veterinarian.