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In excessive amounts, I have tried a little sprinkled on my dogs food, who is a diabetic, but the cinnamon did not help lower her BG, but it did not hurt the dog, I don't recommend using it unless you have a reason, if you do only a sprinkle.

I recently checked with my veterinarian after giving my dog cinnamon and he did not know of any problems and did not have any concerns.

my dog ate cinnamon toast crunch i dropped on the floor, and then he swelled up like a balloon. he threw up and pooped 4 times before he went to bed. he passed alot of gas, and today he is normal size. was it the cereal he ate that made him swell?

I don't know, but Cinnamon toast crunch is not good for any creatures, including humans.

Read the ingredients.

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I'm not sure

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Does cinnamon hurt dogs?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs.

Is it dangerous to drink vodka with cinnamon?

There is no proof that drinking vodka and cinnamon is dangerous.

Is the cinnamon challenge dangerous?

no but it stings you

Is cinnamon dangerous?

The only time cinnamon can prove dangerous is when a large amount is ingested it will dry your throat out and possibly cause asphyxiation.

Is eating cinnamon dangerous?

Cinnamon helps you stabilize your sugar levels. Many diabetics knows this and uses it. It has not been found to be dangerous.

What are some dangerous dogs?

all dogs have the potential to be dangerous

Is cinnamon dangerous for mini chihuahua?

No its not they can eat that i have one and mine dog loves cinnamon!! I read that grapes are really bad for them

Can dogs eat apple cinnamon cheerios?

No,if they do they can get sick or die

How dangerous is chap stick to dogs?

Chap stick is not dangerous to dogs. It CAN be though. Not alot.

Can dogs eat Graham crackers?

can dogs eat cinnamon graham crackers

How many dangerous breeds of dogs are there?

All dogs are potentially dangerous its mainly how there brought up.

Why are pitbulls rottweilers and German shephards listed as the most dangerous dogs?

pit bulls are dangerous but are not the most dangerous dogs in the world

Can dogs eat cinnamon cookies?

Probably. it wouldn't hurt them or anything.

Are cooked onions dangerous for dogs?

very dangerous..........................................

Are moles dangerous to dogs?

no. it isn't. but dogs are to moles.

What are dangerous breed of dogs?

All dogs are dangerous, you just have to know how to train them to be kind, and how not to hurt people

Are dogs dangerous?

It depends really all dogs are dangerous some are just trained so they don't do anything but the top 10 most dangerous dogs are pit bull terrier, husky and other just go to google in images and type in top most dangerous dogs in the world and so many dangerous dogs will come up.HOPE i answered your question

Are havawarts dangerous dogs?

All dogs have the potential to be dangerous, it is mainly a matter of training. Hovawarts are not, as a breed, dangerous. The name means 'guardian of the property'

Can dogs eat cinnamon?

Cinnamon is not toxic to dogs, but it is toxic to cats.You can give your dog a stick of cinnamon, as long as you don't have a family cat too, which could be licked by the cinnamon-breath dog or may try and have a nibble of the stick to see what the dog is eating.Cinnamon is basically the bark of a specific tree. In the wild, dogs occasionally chew on trees.Bear in mind that cinnamon is a flavouring spice. Dogs are not concerned about adding a bit of flavour to their food. You don't see them in 5-star restaurants complaining to the waiter that there is no pepper on their food.Ground cinnamon should be avoided as the dog is more likely to breathe it in the wrong hole than swallow it. Cinnamon is good for reducing bloating, so it could be given as a treat after a gassy meal (for example if the vet has advised you to add a little soybeans into their diet for medical or dieting reasons).

Are cinnamon graham cracker sticks bad for dogs?

There is really no information saying Cinnamon is bad for dogs, and it is even believed that it is beneficial for dogs with diabetes. Warning though: My dog got a hold of some cinnamon and she developed hives. They started off on her body but soon spread to her face and it ballooned. She is fine but it was a scary situation. I say things in small amounts will not be major in affecting your dog so a bit of cinnamon cracker should be fine.

Is pure ground cinnamon dangerous?

Some cinnamon can be dangerous because it contains ingredients that are bad for your liver. If you are going to use it just for seasoning you would be alright, but if you are going to use it to lower blood sugar or help insulin levels which you would need more cinnamon you need a cinnamon called ceylon cinnamon which doesn't have the dangerous ingredients that are in regular cinnamon. I found it at For blood sugar or insulin problems take 1/4 to 1/2 teas. with each meal with 8 oz. of fresh water. I use distilled water to keep from drinking fluoride and chlorine which is two poison. Hope this helps.

Is mango dangerous to dogs?


Can it be dangerous for small dogs to breed?

If proper care is taken then it is no more dangerous than for ordinary sized dogs

What are the most dangerous dogs?

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Hydrangeas are not particularly dangerous to dogs. Dogs should not be eating weeds or flowers on a daily basis. If a dog overeats anything, it can be unhealthy.