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Yes. Clay soil is much less porous than sandy soil. Water can stand for days in a hole dug in clay soil, but in sandy soil the water would drain quickly.

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Q: Is clay less porous than sandy soil?
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Why is a lake with a clay bottom able to hold more water than a lake with a sandy bottom?

Clay is the least porous of all soil types. It is the opposite of porous in comparison to sand.

What is similarities between sand and clay soil?

Sandy soils have large grains, and are porous. Clay soils have very fine grains, so are non-porous. The only similarity is that sand and clay soils are formed by the weathering of rocks.

How are different soil types affected by water running over it?

More porous soil (sandy soil) facilitate better movement of water under the ground where as clay obstruct it.

Does sandy soil or clay soil have bigger pore spaces?

Sandy soil.

What is the definition of clay soil and sandy soil?

a type of soil that is very sandy

Where can you buy sandy soil and clay soil?

There are several places one can buy sandy and clay soil. Local greenhouses or landscaping businesses will have the soil.

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to what?

Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to lack of moisture and consistency. Sandy soil is just not wet.

What are the types of soil?

Clay soil, Sandy soil, Loam soil.

Why are sandy soils generally less fertile than clayey soil?

Sandy soils are generally less fertile than clay soils because they do not hold water as well as clay soils. Clay soils are usually fertile and hold more nutrients than sandy soils.

Which soil will allow more water sandy soil or clayey soil why?

sandy soil will allow more water because it is more porous than the clayey soil.

What are the 15 types of soil?

Sandy soil , loamy sand , sandy loam , meduim loam , sand clay loam , silt loam , clay , sandy clay , clay loam , silt clay loam , silty clay loam , silty clay , sily , peat moss , chalk soil and limestone soil by Katie h n Katie d

Definition of a porous rock?

Porous rocks are like sandy soil and water seeps through these rocks.