Is coal inorganic

Updated: 9/13/2023
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Coal is inorganic.

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Q: Is coal inorganic
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Is coal an inorganic rock?

No. Coal is an organic sedimentary rock.

Is coal inorganic organic?


Is coal organic or inorganic?


What are the byproducts from the combustion of coal?

non combustible inorganic matters

Are rocks organic or inorganic?

Basically, organic compounds have carbon. Inorganic do not (though there are some exceptions).

Why is coal not considered a mineral?

Coal isn't a mineral because it is organic. Minerals are made up of inorganic materials.

Is coal or quartz form by inorganic processes?

Quartz is and is also a mineral

What is the chemical symbol for coal?

It doesn't really have one. Coal is a complex mixture of organic compounds with traces of inorganic and metallic ones too.

Coal like graphite is composed of carbon.Unlike graphite coal is formed from decayed once-living matter is it a mineral?

No, coal is not a mineral because a mineral has to be inorganic meaning that it can not be made by a life process.

Is a pebble organic or inorganic?

Some sedimentary rocks are organic such as coal or chalk, but the majority of rocks are inorganic.Read more: Are_rocks_organic_or_inorganic

Why is coal not considered to be mineral?

Coal is not considered a mineral because it is not inorganic; it is made of ancient plant matter that has been compressed over time; therefore, it is carbon based.

Why is coal not considered to be a mineral?

Coal is carbon based organic material. Mineral definition requires that material be inorganic with a defined chemical composition and repeating crystalline structure.