Is corn a vegetable or a fruit?

There has been much controversy as to whether or not corn is a vegetable or a fruit.

Actually, many scientists have declared corn to be a grain. In a study carried out in 2000, nutritionists from Yale University said that because they weren't root plants, they couldn't be vegetables. Nutritionist Deborah Baker, a CEO of Food Science Inc. stated that corn couldn't be a fruit either since it didn't grow from a seed.

Only 2 years ago, a new study was carried out by the Nutrition and Health Forums and the results did indeed reveal that corn is a vegetable. Farmers have been injecting nutrients into their corn to avoid destruction of the crop due to insects. This created genetically modified corn. The modifications of the corn had rearranged the structure of the root causing the belief that corn couldn't be a root vegetable.

The overall belief that corn is a grain has now been proven false due to recent studies.