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No cottage cheese is a mixture of a sour cream type substance and siured milk that has been pasturized and all so it is still good to eat.It is a very delectible snack.

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Is yogurt a good substitute for cottage cheese?


Is ricotta cheese and yogurt the same thing?

No, ricotta is cheese, but yogurt is... yogurt.

Is cottage cheese and yogurt a healthy snack?

Yes, they are healthy snacks.

What are some examples of dairy food?

Milk, cream, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, ice cream

Is curd cheese the same as cottage cheese?


Is creamed cottage cheese the same a cream cheese?

No,it is not

What can you eat when you have a cut in your mouth?

Yogurt, cottage cheese, soups, etc. - but nothing rough.

Which process is directly involved in making yogurt cottage cheese buttermilk and sauerkraut?


Cottage cheese same as ricotta cheese?

no cottage cheese is more creamy and is used for a spread ricotta cheese is used for lasagna and mannocoti

Is feta cheese and cottage cheese same?

No. cottage cheese is just curds, and its really soft. feta cheese is harder and it is in crumbles usually.

Is there a substitute in place of cottage cheese in a diet?

Low fat cream cheese, or low fat Greek yogurt would normally make ideal substitutes for cottage cheese in the diet. (Since cottage cheese is low fat, the substitutes must also be low-fat versions).

What food is rotton milk?

yogurt is a type of spoiled milk. believe it or not but is alcually prduced in the same procedure as cottage cheese but it is ground up more.

Is cottage cheese and cheddar cheese same?

No, not even close.

What foods have bacteria?

Yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese. Those are just a few choices.

What can you susitute for sour cream?

Generally a substitute for sour cream could be: yogurt or cottage cheese.

What are 30 products from dairy cows?

steaks hamburgers milk cheese cream cottage cheese cream cheese yogurt after that just name all the types of cheese

What are the examples of food products advertised in the television and in the newspaper which are produced through the help of microorganisms?

* cheese * yogurt * cottage cheese * bread

What can be a substitute for cream cheese in baking?

Answer 1½ cup of Yogurt + ½ cup of Ricotta Cheese for one cup cream cheeseAnswer 2You can use pureed cottage cheese instead.Or you can also use plain yogurt, strained overnight in a cheesecloth.

Is kefir cheese cheese or yogurt?

Yogurt. Though many think it is to be cheese from its common label; im pretty sure its has many of the same ingredients. Plus, no cheese takes like that.

What does dairy product make?

It makes milk or cottage cheese or yogurt. It will also make ice cream.

What can you use in place of sour cream in corn casserole?

plain yogurt or cottage cheese could be used .

What is the best source of calcium for dogs?

Cottage cheese,fish(sardines tuna trout),and yogurt are the best.

How do you make scrambled eggs with cottage cheese?

Same way. Except when you stir it the part where you add american cheese or swiis. You put cottage cheese instead.

What food give you calcuim?

dairy products, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, nutrition labels you will find calcium in many things

What are 8 dairy products produced in Wisconsin?

yogurt, sour cream, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, butter, and chocolate milk.