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yes he is

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Yes, Jack is the father.

Jack Downham has: Played Noah Sharma in "Emmerdale Farm" in 1972. Played Noah Tate in "Emmerdale Farm" in 1972. Played Peter Morley in "Heartbeat" in 1992. Played Young Robin in "Robin Hood" in 2010. Played Noah Tate in "Emmerdale: The Dingles - For Richer for Poorer" in 2010.

Jack Wilson is a former MLB baseball player. He was a shortstop.

Jack Silcock is a former Manchester United football player.

Jurgis' former cellmate

Jack Kuehler is a former president of IBM, and alum of Santa Clara University. Married to Carmen Kuehler, formerly Carmen Kubas, he is a father of five, and grandfather of 19. He currently resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Clive Hornby has: Played Jack Sugden in "Emmerdale Farm" in 1972. Played Jack in "Emmerdale Farm" in 1972. Played Norman Gibbons in "Minder" in 1979. Played Extra in "Yanks" in 1979. Played himself in "This Morning" in 1988. Played himself in "Loose Women" in 1999. Played himself in "Live Talk" in 2000. Played himself in "Today with Des and Mel" in 2002. Played himself in "Emmerdale: The Sugden Family Album" in 2005. Played himself in "No. 1 Soap Fan" in 2007. Played Jack Sugden in "Emmerdale Uncut" in 2008.

The father of Jacqueline Bouvier was Mr Bouvier. His name was Jack "Black Jack" Bouvier.

Former heavyweight champion boxer Jack Johnson died tragically in 1946 in a car accident in North Carolina.

No, Jack Branning is the father.

Teague is Jack Sparrow's father. The Blackbeard who will appear in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is not Jack Sparrow's father. However, the real Blackbeard's birth name was Edward Teague.

Jack Mew is a former goalkeeper. He played for a few teams including Manchester United.

Jack Bernardi has written: 'My father, the actor'

Jack Orton(cowboy bob Orton's Father) (Randy Orton's Grand Father Who Was A Former Wrestler):July, 2006 Chris Benoit: May 2007 Eddie Guerrero: August 2005 The Faboulous Moolah: November 2007

Jack Dempsey is a former professional heavyweight boxing champion during the early 1900's.

father winter grants wish for jack and thats how he became jack frost

Yes, Captain Teague is Jack Sparrow's father. Right after Elizabeth becomes King of the Brethren Court, Jack talks to him. Even though it does not say so in the movie At World's End, in info on the the characters that was release, it says that Captain Teague is Jack' father.

were did the father of jazz dance jack Cole study dance at?

New Jack City - Father Ted - was created on 1996-05-03.

Former Steelers linebacker Jack Ham is 69 years old (birthdate: December 23, 1948).

Actor Jack Wagner is currently in a relationship with his former The Bold and the Beautiful co-star Ashley Jones.

He says "Drink!", "Feck", "Arse" and "Girls".

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