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Q: Is deval Patrick's parents from America?
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Who is patricks parents?

Janet and Marty

Is there a general deval?

general deval

How did the Irish change America?

Saint patricks day

What is the birth name of Deval Patrick?

Deval Patrick's birth name is Deval Laurdine Patrick.

What were the name of Patricks fake parents?

The "fake" parents were Janet and Marty Patrick's real parents are Herb and Margie Star.

When was Pierre Deval born?

Pierre Deval was born in 1897.

When did Pierre Deval die?

Pierre Deval died in 1993.

When was Charles Deval born?

Charles Deval was born in 1806.

When did Charles Deval die?

Charles Deval died in 1862.

How tall is Deval Johnson?

Deval Johnson is 5' 3".

What political party is Deval Patrick?

Deval Patrick is in the democratic party.

When was Deval Patrick born?

Deval Patrick was born on July 31, 1956.