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Not Toxic, But Can Still Cause Harm to Bodies

No, diamonds are composed mostly of carbon which is not poisonous. They are indigestible so while not being toxic, they could potentially cause harm to your digestive system if you were to actually consume one. True, too, of an animal.

Diamond is insoluble in any solvent present on Earth. When consumed, the solid form only will pass through the system, without any change. Nothing will mix up in the body. But, it could choke or block a system because of its hard structure, depending on its size and the object in which it is mounted.

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How do you know snake is poisonous?

if it has a diamond shape head it is poisonous

Why is diamond poisonous?

The carbon crystals known as diamonds are not poisonous.The question may refer to organisms that include the word diamond, such as the venomous diamondback rattlesnake, or spiders that might have a particular marking that may resemble a diamond shape.

Is the brown diamond snake poisonous?

No, my brother kissed a brown diamond snake and he is still alive. But it will bite.

How do you tell if a snake is poisinus or not?

The shape of it's head If the snake has a diamond shaped head, it is poisonous, and if the head is round, it is not poisonous

Are all snakes with diamond shaped heads poisonous?

yes but they are exceptions

What type of venom does an eastern diamond back rattlesnake have?

Poisonous venom

Is a red diamond back spider poisonous?

All spiders are venomous to a degree.

What is the most poisonous snake in the us?

If by "most poisonous" you mean the one with the strongest venom, there are two of them--the Mojave Rattlesnake and the Tiger Rattlesnake. Wrong, the Diamond Back Rattlesnake is more poisonous then both of those.

Is diamond poision?

Diamonds are not poisonous, though an allergy has been reported by some unfortunates.

What is the name of the professional baseball team that comes from the state were the the grand canyon and a very poisonous rattlesnake can be found?

diamond back

What is a diamondback rattler?

A rattlesnake is a poisonous pit vipe whose marking resemble diamond shaped laid point to point.

Which is more poisonous a diamondback snake or a copperhead snake?

Which diamond back? Doesn't matter, copperhead is least venomous of the "Rattlesnake" clan.

Is a lizardfish poisonous or non-poisonous?

no its not poisonous, it only bites

What is a poisonous mushroom?

A poisonous mushroom is a poisonous mushroom

Are peacocks poisonous?

Peacocks are not poisonous or deadly.

Is hydrogen poisonous?

Hydrogen is not poisonous.

Is the common frog poisonous?

NO , they are not poisonous, The common frog is not poisonous.

Are lightning bugs poisonous to dogs?

No, they are not poisonous. They are poisonous to reptiles.

Is the water spider poisonous or non poisonous?

It's poisonous.

What is the opposite prefix of poisonous?


Are scorpians poisonous?

Most scorpions are poisonous, but some are not! The bigger the LESS poisonous The smaller the MOST poisonous

How do you spell poisonous?


How poisonous is chameleon?

They are not poisonous.

Are chameleons poisonous?

They are not poisonous.

Is a Gila monster poisonous?

It is poisonous, the most poisonous lizard on Earth.

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