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Is diluted muriatic acid harmful to grass?

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The short answer is, no, it is not harmful.

If you are having problems with your grass having dead spots, there are many things which can cause these problems. One is a fungus, which can only be treated in the winter when your grass goes dormant. Over-watering or under-watering can also cause problems. To have a rich, thick grass that is lush and deep green you need to fertilize right before a rain storm (to save water). Also most people don't realize that if you water and fertilize too often your grass will become dependent on you and will not grow out the roots that it needs. Always remember Mother Nature will care for your lawn most of the time. To get thick grass you might need to water once a week. Unless there is a drought then twice a week might be good. This will make your grass roots grow down to a depth where it can absorb nutrients and water on its own.

Also, if you like thick lush lawns cut the blades to be 2.5 to 3 inches tall after mowing, mow your lawn with a mulching mower. Never cut more than 1/3 the total height of the blade in any one mowing. With a mulching mower you are recycling the nutrients back into the turf. Less fertilizer use is good. Lawns in the Midwest require an inch of water per week. A slow drizzle is best because the water has time to seep deep into the soil and not run off. If you water quick and light, only moistening the surface of the soil the roots will migrate to the surface where they will then dry out quickly and suffer.

Water turf slow and deep driving the roots down; making the turf more drought resistant.

This method of watering is also helpful for trees and reducing the mats of tree roots at the surface that make it almost impossible to grow lawn.

Most nutrients are gathered by the plants roots in the top 18 inches of soil (standard Midwest soil) where there is the necessary exchange of water and oxygen required to support the organisms that breakdown the organic matter into nutrients the plant can use. Plant roots do go deeper for water. Fescue grasses can be very deep, 3 feet is not unusual.

2011-04-14 06:53:44
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Short answer, yes. Any "acid" can be detrimental to grass and plants.

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don't know

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Do you have to use sulfuric acid to clean out a sewer pipe or can you use muriatic acid?

= sulfuric acid VERY rare but it is used and with lots of caution... Muriatic acid DILUTED for concrete cleaning etc. =

Why should i use muriatic acid for gardening?

Novices should not use muriatic acid for gardening. It is harmful to persons and harmful to the environment, and is recommended only for professional use.

Can muriatic acid remove cat odors from concrete?

Although muriatic acid is effective at removing cat odors from cement it is a very dangerous acid. Diluted with water, it makes an effective cleaner for cement.

Is muriatic acid harmful to plants?

Yes, very harmful, muriatic acid is a corrosive and very dangerous. It's used etch concrete - means it take off the very top layer of concrete

Will muriatic acid hurt your lawn?

Yes, Muriatic acid will absolutely hurt your lawn, If it comes in contact with grass, or plants they will likely turn brown.

You have iron stains on your bathroom tiles Can you use Muriatic Acid and if so how diluted should it be?

yes because

What are the examples of useful liquids and harmful liquids?

muriatic acid,bleach,alcohol.

How to clean brick walls with calcium deposit formation?

Use diluted muriatic acid. Follow all of the instructions on the label to the letter. Muriatic acid is very dangerous and will cause severe burns if not used properly.

Is sulfuric acid a muriatic acid?

no HCl is muriatic acid...........

Is Sulfuric acid is a known muriatic acid?

No. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid.

What is the color of muriatic acid?

Muriatic acid is colorless.

What effect will runoff from a cement patio that was cleaned with muriatic acid have on a garden that borders it?

Using muriatic acid to clean masonry is an approved technique, but caution must be exercised. The muriatic acid , even as runoff, is harmful to delicate tissues and any plants in the area. If there is runoff, use lime to neutralize the acid.

Is muriatic acid harmful to children?

YES. Muriatic acid is just another name for hydrochloric acid and is extremely corrosive and will severely irritate the skin.See the Web Link and Related Questions links for more information.

Does sulfuric acid is known like muriatic acid?

No, muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid.

Can a small amount one cup of muriatic acid be harmful to a 1000 gallon septic tank?


Muriatic acid and ammonia?

is muriatic acid same as ammonia? Muriatic acid is industrial hydrochloric acid (HCl). Ammonia is a base (NH3).

How do you remove effervescent from terracotta tiles?

Use diluted muriatic acid and a scrub brush to remove efflorescence. Neutralize with water or ammonia.

Can you use muratic acid to clean slate?

You may use muriatic acid to clean tile or slate floors if you encounter stains on them. It will need to be diluted in order to be useful.

Is muriatic acid also nitric acid?

NO. Muriatic acid is hydrochloric acid (HCl)

What is the Difference between diluted and concentrated acids?

diluted acid is less concentrated i.e. it is mixed with water and a less harmful(like sulphuric acid.) whereas concentrated acid is in its original form...

Formula of muriatic acid?

the chemical formula for muriatic acid or Hydrochloric acid is HCL.

Muriatic acid is also known as what?

Muriatic acid is another name for hydrochloric acid

What to do if Muriatic acid gets into mouth?

It's hydrochloric acid, which is the corrosive part of stomach acid. If it's not diluted, it'll dissolve the inside of your mouth. In other words, you're f--ked.

Does muriatic acid clean old tubs?

What can you clean with muriatic acid

Can muriatic acid remove paint from concrete?

No. Muriatic acid will not remove paint from concrete. Muriatic acid will etch bare concrete though.